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Hello I’m really not good at these chat rooms

11 Jul 2018 19:57

Hi everyone I tried posting the other night when I was very stressed, the following morning I deleted it all.

I live in Scotland have two grown up sons and 3 gorgeous grandchildren. I really want to see my grandchildren reach adulthood.

A bowel screening test showed up blood present, this was followed very quickly by a Colonoscopy. This test for anyone facing one is not painful and I found it very interesting. Now the bad bit. 

A very large polyp was found and biopsies taken. The polyp was too large and complex for the doctor doing the colonoscopy to remove. I’ve not had the results from the biopsies but been told I need a Sigmoidoscopy but no explanation as to why.

My case has been referred to Complex Urgent cases. 

It’s now more than 9 weeks since the colonoscopy and the not knowing what this is is causing a lot of anxiety, stress and general feeling of unease. I have similar symptoms to IBS which are causing pain and discomfort and worry.

Is this long waiting period a good sign? Also can anyone tell me why I need a sigmoidoscopy and how it differs from a colonoscopy? 


Thank you

Re: Hello I’m really not good at these chat rooms

11 Jul 2018 20:42 in response to Gymjunky

Hi there ... firstly I'm not qualified , just a lass with cancer ... but I've looked up the difference between the two , and this is what I came up with 

A sigmoidoscopy may also be used to take a tissue sample or biopsy ...  and it can be used to remove polyps or swollen veins in the rectum ...

A flexible sigmoidoscopy is a test that a Dr uses to check the inner linings of your rectum and lower part of your colon may get this test if you have certain gut problems such as abdominal pain , rectal bleeding or change in bowel habits ..

Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy differ in the areas they can see... a colonoscopy covers the entire colon ...while a sigmoidoscopy covers only the lower part of the colon known as the rectum 

Now I've just copied this as I read it ... so hopefully "ask the nurses" will pick this up to see if it's correct .. hope that helps ... Chrissie   ..... 

Re: Hello I’m really not good at these chat rooms

11 Jul 2018 22:13 in response to Chriss

Hi Chrissie thank you for taking the time and trouble to research the differences. My colonoscopy went well and my whole colon was checked. The polyp was found and biopsies taken which is why I’m not understanding why I now need a flexible sigmoidoscopy. 

Its the waiting too, 9 weeks of worry is not good for anyone but I just keep telling myself if the polyp was cancerous surely there would have been more speed in dealing with it. The doctor did say it would have to be removed due to the size of it which would cause and is causing problems. 

For the last 4 weeks my bowel habits are a real problem, I’m eating some days for my main meal nothing more than veg casserole to help. Hopefully my appointment will come through soon and I will get some answers.