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Hello, hubby starts Radiotherapy on the 22nd March

4 Mar 2021 21:46

Hi there, the story so far.

Hubby was told he had cancer in his right tonsil second week in Dec and that it would be removed on the 24th Dec, very impressed with speed and super positive. On the 17th Dec my dad passed away leaveing my mum on her own (her health isn't great) over an hours drive away. I'm on my own to support mum as my sister lives in Spain and can't get back due to lockdown. Dropped hubby off at the hosital on the 24th, 2 hrs to mum's, woke up with her on the 25th, 2hrs back to pick hubby up in my Christmas PJ's ;), tonsil not removed? Unfortunatley there was more to it and his surgeon did a biopsy. Definitley cancer, merry christmas.......

Appointment to discuss next steps, which was op to remove tonsil and nodes from below ear to base of neck  (T2). Dads funneral in the mean time, twice a week drop ins at mums, shopping for her and helping sort dads paperwork out. Hubby's op was on the 27th Jan, he was in hospital for 10days and the cut ended up being from below the ear to the base of the neck and then round to the front of the throat. The surgeon removed the tonsil, surounding tissue and 47 nodes, of which only one was cancerous (so thats good in the grand scheme of things). Last week we had a meeting with his surgeon and an oncologist, hubby has been upgrated to T3 and needs Radiotherapy, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. We were both pretty knocked backed, as convinced he'd be good to go after the op. Sorted our heads out after a couple of days, so we just get on with the next stage now, serveral appointments, shell set up, dentist (extractions tomorrow), covid tests and a schedule that makes my head spin.

What are my worries?, Radiotherapy starts on the 22nd and he hasn't recovered from the op fully, a lot of pain in shoulder, mouth and jaw still. Seriously tired all the time and not eating super well. That, although he (we are) is suprisingly positive he will not cope well with treatment, we've been married 25 years in April, I know him inside and out and he's a horrible patient lol. The cost of traveling to the hospital might break us, I won't cope well enough to be his rock because of my sadness about dad, and yet with all that I know deep down I will.

Don't really know why I started this, think I just need somewhere to vent, worry, be sad while he's haveing to go through this. I'm a bit scared as well.



Hello, hubby starts Radiotherapy on the 22nd March

5 Mar 2021 07:00 in response to ChickieBird68

 don't be sorry for wanting to rant,completely normal..I'm feeling all.sorts of emotions.. we r only human.. sorry to hear about your dad passing away.. u have alot going on in your life.... and obviously u needed to rant. Its understate ur worries and ur concerns... I hope all goes well with your hubby big hugs to u.. easier said than done but be strong... I'm always around if u need to talk p.s hope this helps a bit xxxx

Hello, hubby starts Radiotherapy on the 22nd March

5 Mar 2021 08:11 in response to Kellzy21

Thank you so much Kellzy21, it does help, you're a star xxx

Hello, hubby starts Radiotherapy on the 22nd March

5 Mar 2021 08:13 in response to ChickieBird68

Happy to help everyone needs someone for support chin up,ur not alone xxx