Together we will beat cancer


Hello all

21 Jul 2019 21:47

Hi everyone, recently diagnosed with bowel cancer and op scheduled which will result in a temporary or permanent stoma. 

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributes on the forum, I have been lurking  since my colonoscopy and I am very grateful for all the information and positivity shared on here, it's so helpful, thank you Happy

I am anxious of course, but hope I will be able to contribute in a positive way too when I get my head around everything. 


Hello all

21 Jul 2019 22:38 in response to Poppies

Hi there ...

Well this is a great place to come .. lots of people just read threads ... not everyone answers .. but think it helps far more then we realise .. 

So so sorry, you've had to join our little club...  here's hoping your op goes well .. and lots live with a stoma ... my brother in law has had one for the last couple of years ... it had a few hic cups at first but settled down ...

So welcome to our little club no one wants to join, but are glad it's here ... 

Chrissie xx

Hello all

21 Jul 2019 22:45 in response to Chriss

Thank you Chrissie for the reply, it's very much appreciated. Good to hear your brother is doing well. xxx