Together we will beat cancer



12 Apr 2018 22:07

I've used a fourm before, with a very different theme, but I enjoyed it and it helped me in more than a few different ways. So here I am. Nothing to hide, lung cancer, avascular sclorosis, HIV+, collapsed T6 vertebrae. Someone said to me once - God never sends you more than you can deal with... seriously?

Anyway, I'm Adi - yep, that's me. It's good to know you.


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12 Apr 2018 23:09 in response to AdiBee

Hi and welcome ... You sure got lots to cope with ... So sure you can help others as well ...

Good place to find someone to listen ... Many on here with so much to deal with who are pushing those bounries ... So hope you find lots of support ... Take care ... Chrissie 

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14 Apr 2018 12:00 in response to Chriss

Thank you Chrissie,

It'll be good if I'm accepted somewhere. I try to join in at the hospice I'm with, they have complementary therapies, and I attend an art group for a couple of hours each week. The problem is I am a bit of a misanthrope, which is my problem and in no way anyone else's fault.

I've recently tried joining the local Buddhist group but they are a very unfriendly, unwelcoming and unhelpful bunch, and as for a sense of humour... I don't think I've heard anybody laugh there, not even a little titter! So I'm going to try and follow the Dharma in my own little way.

Loneliness is the thing that gnaws constantly at my soul. So I implore you, please people say hi. It would mean a lot to me. So thanks in advance guys :o)

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14 Apr 2018 12:11 in response to AdiBee

Afternoon Adi, welcome to the club!

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14 Apr 2018 12:16 in response to rileyroo

Thank you so much rileyroo. It's nice to hear from you. x

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14 Apr 2018 12:22 in response to AdiBee

Anything you want to talk about, feel free. Quite a lot of what the group I tend to chat with isn’t about cancer although obviously that’s the start point but none of us are cancer, it’s part of what makes us, us but it isn’t the sum of who or what we are. Oh shut up, thats a bit much for a Saturday!

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14 Apr 2018 12:42 in response to AdiBee

Hi there adibee .... So sorry you've felt left out in so many ways and places ... Life can be crule sometimes ... And lots of people judge before finding out, who that person is ... What a shame those buddists didn't make you welcome as from what l know of buddism, their way of life is embrasing everyone ... And not judging people ... Though I think they are more into meditation then laughing about stuff ... but there's good and bad in most things ... That's life ...

Loneliness is a hard thing for the mind to cope with, only people that have been there can understand ... It probably adds to that by misanthrope (must admit l had to look that up)  and I think there's more with that then you think ... But this life is about having these things and trying to work with them and not give in to what they stand for ... You've already reached out on here .. and you've got a welcome from rilleyroo... And I bet there's others that may say hi ...

So anytime you want a chat , or a vent ... I'm usually here most days ... And I've found some of the nicest people and kids I've met ... All had something that held them back ... 

I believe laughter is the cure to so many things , in the right context ... I grew up with a family who always looked on the bright side... Who supported ... And encouraged ... And my mum would help anyone, friend or stranger ... I was so blessed, and learned so much from her ..

So if you need someone to chat to , you've come to the right place ... No one judges here... But they are honest and say it how they see it ... But welcome and hope that helps a tad ... Chrisie xx


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15 Apr 2018 01:00 in response to AdiBee

Hi Adi,

you truly got a lot of to deal with and I know you will meet a lot of nice people here but I hope you will meet them in the "real" life too. Happy

If you were in Glasgow or around, I would suggest some art relax together - I went back to it now too.



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15 Apr 2018 18:56 in response to AdiBee

Hi Adi 

Just to say hello to you and wish you well...I'm  new on here to .

You have been dealt a **** deck of cards and nobody should ever be lonely, and you won't be on here I'm sure.

Here when you need us.



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16 Apr 2018 20:30 in response to Kat42


Chuffed to bits knowing you're all there - I know, it's already been said... I only needed to ask. Duh!

The bit that really jumped out at me was ri'roo saying that 'none of us are cancer'. That's totally worth remembering. Sometimes I struggle to remember that I'm still a human being. Just confirm for me tho'. Your avatar... is a delicious moussaka?

Hi to Kat and Zuzanka - I've never been that far north! Lovely to type with you, we're over 400 miles apart, but the world is a smaller place nowerdays, so who knows! After all, you made it all the way from the Czech Republic. Keep up with the art - when I stop to draw something, my breathing changes, my heart-rate, and blood-pressure goes down. My oxygen saturation goes up and I stop thinking about 'stuff', I focus on 'The Line'. I'm not much good, but I love it, so it's win win win! Maybe there's somewhere on here we can show-off our 'etchings' :o)

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16 Apr 2018 22:57 in response to AdiBee

Yeah, I definitely believe the statement of ri'roo however at times we do 'become the cancer" ! 

I think again, we all forget at times we are human so in order to keep my balance I do something really daft and daring to make me feel 'normal' again.

Hello from the north, and yes, we do speak like that ! 400 miles is not so bad , I'd love to walk it if my legs worked properly.

I know that art isn't my thing, can't draw I'm afraid , spent to much time' outside 'the art class but do enjoy others art and it sounds to me like art is helpful to you.

Music and walking the pooch is good for me, both together is great for me, I can transport myself away from it all then.

Night times its very beneficial, brain dosnt switch off so Im awake alot of times in the night, drives me mad.

But that's me .....abit mad...

So take care 

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17 Apr 2018 00:05 in response to AdiBee

Just wanted to say Hi and that you are not alone. I’m new to this too so perhaps we can learn together. X

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17 Apr 2018 06:24 in response to Fight4life

Just wanted to say hiya while I have my crumpet with peanut butter...the hurting head woke me from my slumber!

I'm kat, desperate to live but my cancer has other ideas, but they haven't been right so far and I live on.

Catch up with me sometime x

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17 Apr 2018 07:25 in response to AdiBee

It was a very good lasagne, one if the best I’ve ever made. Still not sure what I did that was different but bloody hell it was good! I also do quite a decent veggie version as well. 

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18 Apr 2018 10:52 in response to AdiBee

Hi  Adi,


I see distances here differently, most of the cities are as far as from one side of my country to the other one Laugh But anyway, I am not a big fan of spending hours on a train or in the car....


I will still stick to the fact that we are not cancer, although people around us can see it differently. But please! You can talk to me about anything, not mostly the illness (I mean, it is nice when colleagues ask just to check everything is ok but then, we move to other topics). To prove, I can do whatever I decide, I ran 5km yesterday. Do not ask me about the time or performance, my self-esteem is still running somewhere..but I did it! :-D

About drawing and stuff, I become a member of Cancer ArtSci network which is active in the US somehow and not so much here. So I have been thinking about making something maybe even connected to some fundraising. That idea needs to develop and people need to be found Happy