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7 Dec 2017 15:37

I'm in limbo with a breast lump, got my two week window appointment on Monday in Derby. I'm already a survivor, lost a kidney to cancer in 2000. Having been there before, I think is worse in this waiting time, because I've heard all the 'It's probably nothing to worry about' before. And it wasn't.

Add to the mix I left my husband in the Summer and got a nasty divorce in front of me, already running up debt from legal bills. And my Other Man appears to have turned into a complete dickhead, showing his worst colours this week and dumping me. Oh, and I'm on a temporary contract for one year (I teach) so I have no idea where I stand financially, if I get bad news next week.

Still, onwards and upwards. Look forwards to chatting, particularly to any ladies who have been through the breast cancer diagnostic, what can I expect? My GP was very frank and told me it didn't look good, so I'm hoping for the best but mentally planning for the worst.



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7 Dec 2017 17:47 in response to Daisy200

Hi there brave lady ... my my , don't think you realise just how brave you are ... so many would have completely crumbled ... so now, you've come so far ... bet you really know what to do ... you take one problem at a time ... you kicked cancers ass once ... who's to say you won't do it again ... that cancer wants to knock you down and keep kicking to keep you there ... all you've come through , bet that cancer wonders just what it's taken on ... 

So your job ... you've got it for a year ... that's a bonus ... and they just may keep you on ... getting a divorce... well good riddance to bad rubbish ... could have been worse, he may have stayed and dragged you down ... dept ... when banks know your going through cancer, they may give you some Lee way .. and mcmillan can help when finance is an issue ... they have people there that can help or tell you which way to go ...

I'm 5 months post mastectomy... and although I'd written my letters to loved ones, and even made my funeral arrangements... but blow me here I am ... still standing and feel stronger then I have for years ... and I stick two fingers up to cancer every day ... still have the occasional low day ... but I get back on this rollercoaster and start again ... so hunny ... look in the mirror and say, I can do this ... there's lots of breast cancer ladies on here ... @Sandra123 ‍, @rileyroo ‍ and lots of others that will support you and get you through... one day at a time ... big big hug ... chrisie ❤ xx 

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8 Dec 2017 15:23 in response to Chriss

Afternoon daisy200

just to say I was diagnosed, operated on and had last of treatment all in just a couple of days over 13 wks. 

The waiting between appointments seemed t go on forever and yet here I am pretty much done and dusted and pulling my life back together. 

Whatever the outcome - you can do this. 

2 ex’s well look how much waste u have already cleared out of your life. No room for negativity everything is now about you and your needs now.

first things first is to know what it is you are dealing with and stop letting your mind run ahead worrying about the what ifs in life. I know easier said than done. 

Keep in touch and let us know how u get on - keeping everything crossed for you

tske care x

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8 Dec 2017 16:57 in response to Sandra123

Thank you, both of you.


It's going to be a long weekend, at least my appointment is first thing Monday. Looks like I'll be ok for pay if the worst happens, had a chat with the Head today.


I'll definitely be back to let you know what happens next. finfers crossed for a good outcome.


Daisy xxx

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8 Dec 2017 19:06 in response to Daisy200

Ah hopefully that’s the 1 st of brilliant news. X