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Headwear for the gym?

13 Oct 2019 14:35

I’m currently going through chemo and am thinking about going to the gym for light exercise.  Not too keen on going with my head exposed and wondered what others who have experienced hair loss do.  Do you wear a head scarf to the gym and, if so, do other gym goers stare at you?

I don’t have a gym buddie to go with and I don’t have any female only gyms nearby, both of which would probably make things a bit easier.

Headwear for the gym?

14 Oct 2019 16:59 in response to saldo5

Hi Saldo5, I wouldn't worry about it so much, people wear all sorts to the gym, how about a hoodie in lightweight material. Then you can zip it up and leave the hood up and no one will know.  Wear a headscarf if you want to, I doubt anyone will think it's because of your hair, it could be to soak the perspiration up or to keep your hair in place, so go for it and we'll done for being so positive.  Good luck, Carol 

Headwear for the gym?

15 Oct 2019 12:41 in response to saldo5

Rather than a scarf, i wore a baseball cap that matched my outfit. I didnt like the whole scarf idea because i personally felt it made me feel and look sick. I found Nobody really looked at me any different with a baseball cap Xx but its whatever is most comfortable for you xx

Headwear for the gym?

16 Oct 2019 23:45 in response to Lotsoflovexox

Thanks for your reply! I’m not very good with scarves either.  I prefer beanies... fortunately we’re going into winter now. I’m in the UK and not many people wear baseball caps here but I can see why you would find them more comfortable.

Headwear for the gym?

16 Oct 2019 23:47 in response to Dor06

Thanks for your reply Dor6.  You’re probably right... people wouldn’t automatically assume a head scarf means chemo.  Think I’ll give it a try & see how it goes!