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head and neck cancer

11 Dec 2016 00:40

Good morning everyone. I have posted before and would like some comments please about the loose flabbiness of skin under my chin. Is this because of the radiotherapy or because of the weight loss. Just asking. Thanks everyone.

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11 Dec 2016 08:56 in response to ianwoody

Hello Ian, I can't answer your question but wanted to say hi. Hope another member will reply. 

Take care

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11 Dec 2016 09:28 in response to Seabird

Hey Seabird how are you. I really appreciate this chat board and if anyone has information they are very forthcoming in giving the information. Trust everyone is good and lets chat soon.

Re: head and neck cancer

11 Dec 2016 09:38 in response to ianwoody

Hi Ian,

I am no expert but would think it is more to do with weight loss than radiotherapy. I had 37 sessions for my prostate cancer and my weight was very stable. Hope you are well.

During my hormone therapy which ran alongside the radio/t I put on about 1 1/2 stones which I have not been able to lose since. Also I still occasionaly suffer from Hot Flushes even though I finnished all treatment well over four yuears ago

I wish you a very pleasant weekend, Brian.

Re: head and neck cancer

11 Dec 2016 12:42 in response to ianwoody

Hi ian

from the Tomotherapy radiation treatment I essentially had a chemical peel once all the sores and redness had gone I ended up with perfect baby's bum skin around my neck

however the new skin came with its complications I had the opposite my neck skin was too tight and restricted my movement

i had a very good physio who painfully massage the stretch in me neck along with me doing lots of necks stretching too.

i do my neck stretches every the car driving to work and whilst sitting at my desk and I moisturise my neck skin daily

i still don't have full rotation but I paid a lot lesss for my face lift (although it was just my neck really) than a lot of others did

hows life coming along anyway

god I hope and looking forward as I do to slowly getting through you Christmas dinner ... I'm always the last to finish

enjoy all



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12 Dec 2016 09:34 in response to ianwoody

Hi ianwoody

my husband was diagnosed with primary tonsil cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes exactly a year ago. He had 5 cycles of chemo, 30 fractions of VMAT  radiotherapy and a neck dissection. Following this he was left with thickened wobbly tissue under his neck - we were advised to massage the area with bio oil to try to reduce the lymphoedema and I have to say it has worked for hom. Good luck and hope this helps.

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12 Dec 2016 16:53 in response to ianwoody


Like the others have said I think it is more likely that this is due to weight loss.  Radiotherapy is more likely to lead to skin becoming a bit tighter and less flexible (although in many cases this doesn’t happen).  Probably the best thing to do is to get your doctor to have a look at it.

I hope that is helpful


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12 Dec 2016 23:18 in response to ianwoody

Good morning eneryone. Thanks again for all your comments and recommendatiions. Very informative as always. Have a great day. Regards Ian.

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13 Dec 2016 05:54 in response to ianwoody

Hello everyone. Just a quick question. Sorry if its a stupid one. Since my treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy my facial hair from my the top of my jawline down has not grown back. Not that Im complaining but just making an inquiry. Thanks again everyone for all your support. 

Re: head and neck cancer

13 Dec 2016 07:45 in response to ianwoody

Hi ian

i have the same thing

however it's brilliant when I grow my beard as it looks like I have a professional shaved line downwards

i saves shaving it

a benefit I suppose

have a good christmas


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13 Dec 2016 08:24 in response to Vatch
Vatch good to know. Thanks for your reply. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year. Regards Ian.

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16 Dec 2016 02:36 in response to Vatch
Good morning Vatch how you doing. May I ask if you lost a lot of weight during your treatment. I lost a lot of weight and have not started to put any back on yet. Was this the case with you too. Just asking.

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17 Dec 2016 09:58 in response to ianwoody

Hi there ian

yep I lost a lot of weight

im 6'3" and was 14 stone before I knew anything. When I found out I had cancer and the treatment I was about to go through my wife put me on a high calaries diet, when I entered my treatment on 8th July 2014 I was 15 stone.

my weight started to drop off a few pounds a week during treatment and slowly increased shedding the pounds on a weekly basis

i had a bad two final weeks of treatment and went down hil two weeks after I had finished.

at the end of two weeks post treatment I was around 12 stone and looked like a prisoner of war

i am now 28 months post treatment and I'm just about hitting 14 stone again

it takes a bit if time to get yourself back, the first three months are the hardest post treatment, it then starts to get and you notice small differences all over the shop, taste, weight, tiredness, and the aches and pains

it does not help trying to put the weight on when you can't eat chocolate or iced cakes due to the high sugar constant and the pain it causes your teeth

so how's you doing



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17 Dec 2016 12:57 in response to Vatch
Hi Vatch as always thanks for your reply. It is very appreciative. You certainly shed some weight buddy. Glad you put plenty on before hand. I lost about 18kg. And have stabilized at 76kg. You are so right it is hard to put weight on my wife will only cook good food. No rubbish. The chocolates are too sweet and this is too sour and that is too hard. And whatever tastes good today may not taste good tomorrow. You know Im not complaining its just how it is. The teeth are a little sensitive but not as bad as I first thought. I finished my treatment 4 months ago and have began to become a little more adventurous with food but still need some rice porridge to help the hard foods down. Did you loose a lot of confidence to do things or is it just me. I feel so much more confident inside the house. I guess time will heal a lot of these things. Thanks again for helping to answer a lot of my questions. Vatch have a great evening. Regards Ian.

Re: head and neck cancer

19 Dec 2016 14:44 in response to ianwoody

Hello ianwoody,

Radiotherapy can cause permanent hair loss in the area where it is given. So it is possible that this will not grow back now. 

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes