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13 Sep 2017 13:16

hi, i dont realy know if this is the right  forum but whichever i urgently need help and or advice,i was diagnosed with  lung cancer whilst under anneasthetic for a biopsy,which proved positive and the surgeon  removed the top lobe of my right lung plus i think five /seven glands, as you know you cannot be deemed clear untill five years have passed  im at the halfway stage so  keeping fingers crossed, however i live with my wife june who has   late stage COPD,there is a woman  and daughter live four doors down from us and the daughter is supposed to be a carer  some time ago the mother asked me what i had been in hospital for and i told her , befor that i had no communication with either of them,however she did  create a problem over parking i did explain that neither my wife nore myself  were good with breathing , this made no difference  and after that she made accusations against me that i had bumped her car , both mother and daughter  made that accusation i told her my car was fitted with censors  which wouldnt let me get closer than one foot , realising she was on a no no she resorted to effing and blinding telling me i should get the censors checked, i simply walked away, however a few weeks later  she came to my door pointing out that her car had been scratched ,it had and it was the only car in a  row of at least eight cars,obviously she reported it to the police ,and after that i got nothing but abuse from herself and her daughter,  ten days ago as i was entering my front door  i thought i heard someone  and my wife said what was that ?as i turned around i saw it was the daughter and i replied oh its only her , she went balistic and started yelling at me , now by this time i had had enough so she got it back, as i came into the house i saw through the front window she came into my property and ripped some plants up being as my garden is just about the only thing i can do  i lost my temper ,and i set off to the police station to report her , unfortunately  she had got on her phone and complained to the police that i had hit her , now that is a no no i would never do that , but the police were talking about prosecution so i said i was going to see my solicitor  who rang them only to find out that the allegation had been withdrawn, i am in the process of having cctv fitted just to keep them away but evrytime they pass my house they are staring through my window, this is intimidation,being as ive given you the plain unvarnished  history  they know my situation and are cynically  exploiting our health problems and if the daughter is a carer; well all i can say is god help the people she cares for , i need help and am at the end of my teather i feel i am being targetted by two unscrupulous women who dont seem to have any motive other than what they have made up and it is harder to take because they  know our positions and are cynically exploiting that , i would be gratefull for any help anyone can give.

Re: harrassment

13 Sep 2017 22:16 in response to birdkeith

No-one should have to put up with this,do you have a local MP, or McMillan nurse or council that could advise you considering your health problems, I personally would try McMillan nurses the can advise you on a lot of issues, please let us know how you go on and take care x

Re: harrassment

15 Sep 2017 12:16 in response to jipster


Hi Birdkeith,

What an appalling way to live, particularly given you and your wife's medical history. I think that if I were you, I'd be going to the Police on your own behalf and finding out what you can do.

I do hope that you can get this resolved, as both of you have more than enough to put up with without all this nonsense.

Kind regards,