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Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

23 Oct 2019 10:20

Hi, I know there are a few similar posts to this but thought I'd post my own as some things may be a little different to other people's experiences.

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a hard lump on my neck, I've no idea how long its been there. It doesn't hurt, not tender, feels quite solid/hard and doesn't really move. Sort of a kidney bean shape and size I guess. From checking it appears to be the cervical lymph node which is near the back of my neck.

I had a doctor's appointment a few days later anyway because of some very itchy skin on the back on my scalp/neck and groin area which has been bothering me a couple of months now, so thought I'd also mention it then. I thought he'd just say oh it's nothing, however he booked me back in for 30th October and if it's still there he'll refer me for ultrasound on it. I was a bit worried as was hoping it was nothing. Of course I'm now reading all I can to learn more, trying to not worry at the same time (I've a 4 and 1 year old!). I've not experienced night sweats, as for fatigue, well I'm always tired but put it down to having 2 little ones to look after (and a single mum). I have noticed I've been more breathless going up the stairs etc though.

I do wonder if the itchy skin could be related. I've been mostly well, only thing to note is my throat hasn't felt right for a few weeks, feels like a constant lump there that doesn't go when I swallow, although doesn't appear to be inflamed or anything. I've been quite underweight for a while (7st 3) but don't think I've lost any more recently. 

Just posting on the off chance someone has/is going through something similar! If the lump is still there on 30th and I do go for ultrasound, will try and remember to post what happened.

Thanks for reading!

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

23 Oct 2019 15:49 in response to GemStone5


I can't be of much help I'm a little bit further down the waiting game than you and have a biopsy booked for tomorrow. The waiting for answers is killing me.

i have about 5 swollen lymph nodes in my neck and the are getting bigger by the day I think.

No other symptoms at all. I'd love to say to you try not to think the worst but you can't help it. I know because I'm on here daily or googling things daily looking for answers.

i hope your ultrasound goes well. Hopefully it's just your body doing its job.

ive has ultra sounds before on the same gland and herb told its reactive however now there 5 of them and they are bigger it seemed to suggest more investigations.

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

23 Oct 2019 17:15 in response to Milliemoo1

Hi, thanks for your reply, yes the waiting is stressful isn't it, I've only got as far as waiting for the ultrasound and that's already had me in a spin! 


I really hope all goes well with your biopsy, and like you say in both our cases it's just our bodies doing their job, fighting an infection or something similar. 


Good luck! 

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

30 Oct 2019 14:57 in response to GemStone5

Hi, just posting in case anyone else is going through something similar. So the hard lump on my neck hasn't changed so had my follow up appointment this morning, the GP said he didn't think it was anything serious but has said to book a blood test and done a 2 week referral to ENT for the tests. I said I was pretty concerned, he asked why, I said as everything I've read says this sounds like lymphoma! He said he didn't think it was as the lump would've got a lot larger since he saw me 3 weeks ago? He also checked my throat as said it's not felt right for about 6 weeks, he said it looks normal. He thinks the inflamed skin on back if my scalp may have caused the lump. I'm not convinced though, it's such a solid firm lump and all I've read says infections usually make the lymph node swollen but soft. Anyway I have my bloods booked for Tues morning and waiting on the phone call for ENT. I do feel a little reassured, but also slightly doubting this doctor (not my usual GP), as the last appointment he said if it's there we'll refer to ultrasound, but today he didn't seem to be that bothered it was an issue! As I was leaving he asked did I have any breathing problems, I said no but I have been getting out of breath for a while, reminds me of being pregnant and the effort of getting upstairs. Ah well will know soon hopefully what it is, will update when I've had the appointments.

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

2 Nov 2019 14:10 in response to GemStone5


Any news x

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

2 Nov 2019 14:34 in response to Shezzle

Hi, yes I have an appointment for this Friday 8th November at ent for endoscopy (camera up nose) then ultrasound and possible biopsy and scans if needed. Fortunately my local hospital (in Gloucestershire) does everything in one day including biopsy results, so not long to wait now. It is scary getting a letter in the post saying tests booked to diagnose if I've got cancer x

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

3 Nov 2019 09:57 in response to GemStone5

Im sorry, 

Its a awful, all the waiting and worrying, as you say not long now. The hospital sounds fantastic! Please up date. Sending my wishes. Best of luck Xx

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

5 Nov 2019 12:04 in response to Shezzle

Thank you, had my blood tests this morning, for the first time since all this started I broke down, just burst into tears as she was about to take my blood! I am just terrified about the worse case scenario of all this and the blood test suddenly made it very real. Just a few more days until hospital now though, and bloods should be back in a couple of days.

Will post any more updates xx

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

5 Nov 2019 13:54 in response to GemStone5

Aw thats awful. It can cause do much stress with worry. You was in the right place tho and right hands. You did it tho! Good luck you are in my thorts. ( hug ) xx

Hard lump on cervical lymph node on neck

8 Nov 2019 18:34 in response to Shezzle

Hi, I got the all clear today! So so relieved, had camera up my nose (which was horrible!), the consultant said he didn't think it was anything sinister due to the lump being at the back on my neck, rather than side or front. He said I'd have an ultrasound to be sure, they did all my neck and throat, she said the hard lymph node is swollen, but the checks they did showed there was nothing concerning, they think it swelled up due to an infection and didn't go down and may never do. I am so relieved, have been worrying like crazy!