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Hard lump in back right side of neck.

20 Sep 2019 14:53

Hello, 3 weeks ago I found a small lump in my neck.  Over the last couple of weeks I think the lump has increased in size. I am extremely worried as I also have many other symptoms of neck cancer such as constant hoarseness in voice, constant sore throat and cough. The lump I found is hard and under the skin and feels attached to the neck muscle. Every now and again the lump feels sore to touch and other days it does not. Should I be worried about my symptoms? 

Hard lump in back right side of neck.

20 Sep 2019 16:51 in response to Cpppppp

Hello and thanks for getting in touch, 

I'm afraid I can't be sure if this lump is normal or not, it might well be and I doubt if it is anything as serious as cancer. Most neck lumps are not anything serious and are easily explained by a doctor. 

Lymph nodes are all around the body including the neck. Sometimes they can get bigger and the most common reason for this is infection. After an infection most lymph nodes that have got bigger gradually shrink again, but sometimes it takes a while for them to go back to normal. It sounds like you have an infection at the moment and are a bit run down.

Make an appointment to see your GP. You could keep an eye on this lump for a few weeks in the meantime and see if it settles down, and tell them about it when you see the GP. They will hopefully be able to reassure you.

Best wishes