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Hard Lump in anus

10 Aug 2018 03:08

Okay so for a while now i have had an anal skin tag which my GP advised to just ignore despite the fact its a) clearly visible from the outside and b) interferes with stools passing and wiping of course  there has never been any pain but i just tolerated it.

Fast forward a couple years to now and all of a sudden my anus is very sore ranging from itching to sharp pain. I book in with the GP and he says its very red and gives me some steroid cream, which by the way hasnt done anything to reduce the discomfort. That was about 4 days ago. Today ive just had a look near a mirror and saw something else apart from the skin tag. It actually goes inside the bum hole unlike the skin tag) but visibly sticking through and looks like a lump. When i touch it its hard. There is no blood nor has there ever been any blood for matter. My gut feeling is the skin tag isnt actually the cause and its something else. Any advice?

Hard Lump in anus

10 Aug 2018 09:54 in response to Nezkeys79

Hi Nez,

It sounds like you've been looking at my bottom.

Years ago actually, I had a 'skin tag' that was in fact a polyp, the first of a few that were removed during colonoscopies. I've also had the 'hard lump', which was in fact a thrombosed haemorrhoid, again one of a few. Itching is also a sign of haemorrhoids.

This is not to try and diagnose you, merely to point out that what you describe is not necessarily sinister.

Were I you, I'd ask to be referred for further investigation.


Hope this helps some.

Best Regards


Hard Lump in anus

10 Aug 2018 17:49 in response to Taff

Well i was diagnosed with the skin tag like 4 ish years ago (but it was probably there for a year before that as was just tolerating it. Guess ive tolerated it for at least 5 years). It does interfere with passing stools but like i say tolerable. 


This new thing tho if it as you say a thrombosed hemorhhoid does it have to be removed surgically? Ive read things like it can be pushed in or go back in itself or even worse sticks out permanently. Im not even sure how or why that has happened.


Then of course there is the horror outcome that its cancer

Hard Lump in anus

11 Aug 2018 12:02 in response to Nezkeys79

If it's a thrombosed haemorrhoid, it should clear up on its own. You could try massaging it slowly back inside, I had to do this for years, after every toilet visit.

The best advice though, would be to see your GP first, to find out exactly what it is. If it is a haemorrhoid, it can actually be removed, sometimes very easily and painlessly.

Surgical removal, if they even still do that, is very, very painful.