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Grandaughter so funny x

31 Aug 2017 09:54

I know there's a lot to go through but sometimes I try to see the funny things that come along .. so this is my little funny moment ...

Grand daughter came to stay ... she's only 5 and I'm 6 weeks post masectomy on right side .. we're just sitting there in evening watching her programs before bed ... my false boob had slipped a little so I was just putting it back in place and my little Emily turned around and said "what you doing nanny" as she knew I'd been in hospital and we called our scars 'ouchies' I told her I was just checking my ouchie ... quick as a flash she pulled my t shirt out to see and she shouted "OH MY GOD NANNY!!! how are you going to feed babies now? ... laugh, I nearly wet myself as I'm 63 ... she just went back to watching her program..her mum laughed and said she can imagine what Emily will tell her teacher when she goes back to school   xx 

Re: Grandaughter so funny x

31 Aug 2017 11:41 in response to Chriss


Hi Chriss,

As someone who has had a double mastectomy, I love it!! Children are so matter of fact and take everything in their stride. I agree with  your daughter. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she tells her teacher.

I hope that you are doing well post-mastectomy?

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx


Re: Grandaughter so funny x

1 Sep 2017 15:23 in response to Jolamine

Hi jolimine ...

Thanks for reply ... I just hoped it didn't up set any one as I know it's a delicate subject ... I've tried to send you friend request as you seem to have the same outlook as me ... I'd love to know a little of your journey as you started this a few years back and would love to compare notes ... I just hoped to be able to help by chatting to others who are starting  their own journey on this roller coaster called cancer ... I think your doing the same as you sound like you have a big heart  

Regards Chris's xx

Re: Grandaughter so funny x

1 Sep 2017 16:53 in response to Chriss

Hello Chris, thanks for sharing your story, and wlcome to the forum.  Far from upsetting anyone, I'm sure it gave us all a smile, bless her little cotton socks!  

Hope all goes well for you, take care.

Hazel xx