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Grade 2 Melanoma

25 Nov 2022 21:08

I have been given the all clear after having surgery to move my lymph nodes and more skin off my hand which needed a skin graft. I have been offered Prembrolizumab every 6 weeks for a year or more to help prevent the cancer coming back or have regular appointments to be checked out. I dont know what to do?

There are so many side effects to having the treatments and am concerned about having more time off work as i am self employed so dont get paid for being off but i also want to see my Children and Grandchildren grow up. I am also worried if the Cancer does return and i have turned down the Prembrolizumab i will regret it or be told i told you so?

I know there is only me who can make the dission but has anyone else had this treatment?

thanks for listening


Grade 2 Melanoma

25 Nov 2022 21:18 in response to Tinyfeet

I've sent you a pm. Please know that adjuvant treatment has only been available to Stage 2 patients since the summer. If you decide not to accept Pembro and the melanoma returns, you will be offered it again so you still have it in your 'arsenal.' 

Grade 2 Melanoma

25 Nov 2022 21:38 in response to AngieT

Thank you