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Going out of my mind with worry, please help.

7 Nov 2019 21:31

Ok so first symptoms I had, was nauseous and a swell in my lower right abdomen that would come and go within a minuite, around 8cm long and 3 cm wide. I put this down to being pregnant  (I'm not )  but it felt like those slow baby movements a limb for example. Now here I am 6 weeks or so later suffering from constant bloatedness, losing weight, and constipated (however I have been constipated on sinceand off since having my little girl a year ago, I just guessed this was my new normal and never realised the urgency to go and sort this out). Silly me. So I am losing weight yet my jeans seem to be getting tighter. After numerous doctors doctors appointment I had bloods today, ca125, and various others plus testing for celiac disease. I am absolutely petrified of the results and all I keep thinking is missing out on my baby girl growing up. I've been frantically searching the internet for positive stories on these symptoms and have found nothing. I can't concentrate on anything now this is occupying my mind 24/7 Sad 


Going out of my mind with worry, please help.

8 Nov 2019 13:07 in response to Mumto1

Hello and thank you posting on Cancer Chat,

I am sorry to hear about your situation.

Waiting for test results can be really worrying, but unfortunately there is nothing for it other than to wait. So, please do try and not figure out what your result might be before it is known. This is because, as you have probably now found, that searching on the internet for a possible diagnosis is not going to tell you what could be the matter but will always tell you the worst possible scenario.

I hope you know the result soon.

Take care


Going out of my mind with worry, please help.

8 Nov 2019 18:06 in response to CRUK Nurse Caroline

Thanks for your reply. Guess im finding it hard because I just can't seem to find any positive stories on this subject.