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Going a bit mad with anxiety.

10 Dec 2018 21:00

I had an ultrasound on a large thyroid lump at the end of Nov and was clearly told that I would need a biopsy because the lump is large, has internal blood vessels and [something about my lymph nodes which I now can't clearly remember]. All my thyroid blood tests show it's functioning normally.

I was told I'd get a letter in a few days and would be seen in a week or two. The radiologist said he didn't think it was anything sinister, which I'm clinging to. 

I didn't recieve a letter fromm the hospital but just one from my Drs asking me to make an appointment following the scan and to confirm I had recieved the letter (which I did do and the appointment is on Weds 12th). But still no biopsy appointment.

I've spent most of this afternoon shuttling back and forth between the x ray dept reception and my gp surgery reception, with both sides confirming I need a biopsy but claiming it's the other side's responsibility to make the appointment. Seriously, you couldn't make this up. In the end I cracked and said to the GP receptionist that I didn't care and someone needed to sort it.

The receptionist put me on hold and when she came back she confirmed that they had received the report from the scan and yes, they had asked the doctor to make the referral, which they don't normally do. She then said that the Dr can't do the referral until they had seen me. 

I keep flitting between, this obviously isn't serious because neither sides would be faffing about like this and omg this is serious and they want the doctor to deliver some realistic or bad news ahead of the biopsy, or maybe the biopsy will need to be done under general.

I feel like I'm going mad. Has anyone else ever had anything like this? Do hospitals normally defer to doctors to make biopsy referrals? 

I just want to get the biopsy over and done with.

Going a bit mad with anxiety.

11 Dec 2018 11:51 in response to FluffyMango

Hiya there, 

I am so sorry to hear all the unecessary stress you're going through, hospitals and doctors can be such a pain sometimes. When I had all mine done, my GP was informed about what was being done, all the procedures, the surgery, treatment but they never asked the doctor for the referal they just did it and kept them informed. My first thought is that it most probably isnt a major cause for concern for them or they would be taking you straight through with the doctors at the hospital. I know you just want to get it over and done with its always horrible having to wait for things like this, it is bad that you are having to flit between each department i think it should have been sorted better than that. I hope you get it sorted soon, hopefully they will give you some proper info on your next appointment and your biospy date! I hope you have everything sorted soon so you can relax bless ya! 


Going a bit mad with anxiety.

11 Dec 2018 12:17 in response to FluffyMango

I had something similar in Holland a few years ago. I went for a biopsy and the doctor just aspirated it and it was gone. While I was there he said if you have to get cancer the thyroid is the best place to get it as it is the most treatable. 

The doctors do not seem too concerned with all this faffing about. I wouldnt worry.

Going a bit mad with anxiety.

11 Dec 2018 15:22 in response to Dragonfly46

Yes, I'm taking it as they're not too concerned. But, I mean, it was my Dr who spotted the lump and said I need a referral. I'd just popped in to talk about something else and she noticed the lump amd said it needed an ultrasound.

But now they're halting the biopsy... it's just been confusing. Why request further investigation then be difficult about it?

The radiologist was adamant I needed a biopsy to rule out anything sinister. Well, Ill see what the Dr says tomorrow. Thabks for your replies both of you!