Together we will beat cancer


Glad the moderators are on the ball

18 Sep 2015 09:27

Glad the moderators are on the ball and removed a scam post advertising cannabis oil for sale.

With its unproved claims for a miracle cure.

Preying on desperate people like us.

Be on your guard from these charlatains!


Glad the moderators are on the ball

18 Sep 2015 10:08 in response to kimchoson


I missed that one but they were also very on the ball at removing a really inappropriate post early yesterday morning from someone spouting about how lucky people were to leave this awful human race bla bla bla! What a tw*t !! They do a great job and have a lot of responsibility keeping a check on this forum and protecting us all. Brilliant bunch!!!!  Do think we should start a Countdown To Lucie Passing Her Driving Test thread tho - no pressure haha!!!!! We could all donate £1 to CR when it actually happens and give her an incentive! xx

Glad the moderators are on the ball

18 Sep 2015 13:25 in response to max56

Oh thank you so much Kim. You are all a wonderful bunch too and it's so nice to read your nice comments on us mods. We do try to catch these early and it's true this week they have kept me busy!

Thank you also for the driving encouragement Max and great timing too as I am about to have a 2 hour long driving lesson and I already have a migraine just thinking about it! I find it much easier to react to spam and forum posts than to cars in roundabouts - half of the time I don't even see them or I wait too long before entering the roundabout because I am scared and I don't know where they are going. But you have motivated me more than anyone Max so I will do my best to do it as quickly as possible. In fact, I might book my test soon if my lesson doesn't go too badly. What a brilliant idea Kim's Good News thread. It does give me something to work towards and I look forward to saying 'yay, I drove to the supermarket on my own!!'