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12 Jan 2016 08:47

Hi, Erm... I have a small (1.5cm) gist in my stomach, well that's how big it was over a year ago, this week I'm having an endoscopy to see if it has grown, even if it hasn't grown can I ask for it to be removed, even if the doctor doesn't think it will cause me any problems?



Re: Gist

31 Dec 2017 20:46 in response to TerriS89

The doctor most likely will not have it removed unless it presses on ur stomach causing u to not be able to eat, or empty ur stomach. U can ask but they generally save surgery until it is completely necessary as it causes scar tissue and if u need to have surgery later, u won’t be a canadit with all that scar tissue. But if it is an emergency, they will go in anyway.