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Further investigation

19 Sep 2019 23:06


I went to my GP to request to be checked for fertility issues. I haven't been trying too long but wanted to rule any issues out.

had ultra sound and transvaginal scan on Saturday and GP rang me on Monday to say I had polyps and potentially a dermoid cyst, but they couldn't rule out anything more severe. sent me for bloods on Tuesday for Ca125 which came back yesterday as 191. Have to wait now for further scan investigation on Tuesday. Don't know what to think

it is good they have seen me so quick but also worrying me they are seeing me so quick 

Further investigation

20 Sep 2019 09:42 in response to starbug

Hi Starbug,

It is good news that you’re being treated so quickly.

Once the priority is set (Emergency, Urgent or non-Urgent, NHS processes take no account of what a clinician’s suspicions or guesses might be. 

Most of these type of investigations should be (and are) set as Urgent - how quickly they are processed depends on the complexity of tests or scans, the volume of work and the number of staff available. As a result, the timeliness is a bit of a postcode lottery.


Good luck with your results