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Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

26 May 2018 18:46

I've had an utrasound due to post menopausal spotting.  It came back with everything normal (uterus,ovaries, endometrium) EXCEPT it had a comment that "a small amount of unspecified fluid in the posterior cul de sac". The radiologist did not mention a recommendation for any further testing; he mentioned briefly review of   my CT scan in December 2017 (which showed no sign of mets); pap smear and pelvic exam in March, normal.  Even with all the normal results, as a 5 year survivor of cervical cancer at 55 years of age,  I am upset at this news of "free fluid". I will be following up with my doctor but has anyone ever had this happen?  What else could free fluid  be from ? Intense exercise? Left over from a yeast infection a few months back?  

Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

26 May 2018 21:34 in response to LauraP

Hi Laura,

I don't think the nurses will be around until Tuesday, I just didn't want you to think your post was being ignored.

I'm neither medically qualified, or a woman, so I won't even attempt to answer your question.

Hopefully someone better qualified than me to answer will pop up. My guess is that if this were serious, further tests or interventions would have been recommended. 

Try not to worry and try to avoid Google until you've spoken to your doctor.

Best wishes


Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

27 May 2018 00:33 in response to davek

Thanks Dave.  I get so overwhelmed sometimes, I lose my courage. 

Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

27 May 2018 01:00 in response to LauraP

Hey there,

I'm sorry I can't answer the question, but, you know what struck me? "I'm a 5 Year survivor." You are a survivor. I realize this may sound like a setback, but you know from experience sometimes things take time to be explained. 

Of course you are overwhelmed at times. It sucks when you don't know quite what's going on. Just take some deep breaths, and keep doing what you've been doing. Whatever has got you through in the past will get you through again. You're an impressive lady. 



Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

27 May 2018 01:55 in response to gamechanger

Thanks GC, I appreciate your words of encouragement.  It is probably nothing but if it is something, I am doing what I am supposed to.. following up.  Thanks again for responding. 



Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

30 May 2018 12:29 in response to LauraP

Hello Laura and thanks for posting,

I am sorry that this scan result has worried you. I can understand how upsetting this sort of thing can be and hope you are feeling more settled now.

Scan results report exactly what was seen by the radiologist. The specialist doctor then puts these results together with everything else to decide what they mean. So I hope you have been able to talk to someone from your specialist team or have the chance to soon. 

We can't interpret scan results because it is a whole medical speciality and as nurses, we just don't know enough, but from what I have read a small amount of fluid can be normal sometimes so this could be nothing to worry about, but of course your medical team needs to confirm this.  I wondered if this could have anything to do with your previous treatment (I know you had radiotherapy in the past).

I do hope that your specialist isn't concerned.

Take care,


Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

31 May 2018 03:38 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Hi Nurse Julia,

Thank you for responding, I do appreciate it. I will see my doctor on the 15th for a regular follow up and I will ask him about the results then. I now just have to take my own advice - "knowing is better than worrying".

Thank you,


Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

4 Jun 2019 15:22 in response to LauraP

Hi Laura,

I hope you are well. I know this post is quite old now, but did your doctor tell you any more about the free fluid? I had a pelvic ultrasound and this was marked as a finding, I don't think the amount was specified though. All I saw on computer was "free fluid in posterior cul-de-sac" but my GP just explained it as "fluid in pelvis". My GP said it may be endometriosis but it has worried me a little! Would be great to hear if your doctor explained it a bit more - thanks!

Free Fluid - is it ever normal?

8 Jun 2019 01:32 in response to SunshineEm


I ended up calling the clinic and speaking to the doctor that wrote the report. He said that it was normal and not to worry about it, so I let it go. I hope you can, too!  

Laura xx