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7 Dec 2017 17:26

Hello, my dad has been diagnosed today with stage 4 lung cancer and apparently he also has emphysema . I wasn't with him when he spoke to the consultant and his partner was too upset to hear what was said about the prognosis. I don't know what happens next or what to do. I'm not sure he's well enough for radiotherapy perhaps tablet form chemotherapy. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you 

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7 Dec 2017 22:24 in response to Helen67

Hi there Helen... so sorry about your dad's diagnosis ... I'm not sure, but think if your dad gives permission for them to talk to you and explain, what his plan is from here ... we can't tell you more as everyone's care plan is different ... but always a good idea to take a pen and paper next time ... as I was the same, after the word cancer, everything went over my head ... I was so glad my daughter in law wrote everything down, maybe your dad will let you go with him next time ...

Hopefully you'll get another reply that will be more informed then me ... hope that helps a little ... thinking of you and sending caring thoughts to you ... chrisie x 

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8 Dec 2017 18:14 in response to Chriss

Thank you Chrisie. I don't think I'm going to be any help to him , I can't think straight and am so upset. I want to try and be strong for him .x

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9 Dec 2017 02:22 in response to Helen67

Hi Helen, I came across this forum late at night and your post really hit home for me and I had the urge to reply. I am truly sorry to hear about your dad but he can still fight this (with you by his side). I lost my grandad in April to lung cancer but that doesn’t mean the same for your dad. Depending how healthy he was before this, they can still do treatment to see if tumours shrink. Go to the hospital with your dad and ask all the questions in the world. Any question that helps you and your dad, the better. I personally felt like the hospital my grandad was at, didn’t pick up on it quick enough, so please please keep asking doctors and nurses what to do and what they are doing to help. I know I don’t know you Helen but please feel free to message me if you need support or just someone to talk too! Sian x