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First chemo done

15 Aug 2019 19:31

hi first time posting on here. First chemo yesterday, feeling fine. Is this normal? Had a lazy day and just home from a short walk. My brain is telling me o should be ill. Anyone else feel like this? 

First chemo done

15 Aug 2019 19:50 in response to Positvegal35

Hi positvegal I'm afraid you don't feel ill till later it takes so long to get into your system sometimes days so sorry, welcome to the forum the club nobody wants to join, good luck. 


First chemo done

15 Aug 2019 20:18 in response to Billygoat

Thanks for replying, thot it was too good to be true. 

First chemo done

17 Aug 2019 05:53 in response to Positvegal35

Are you still feeling OK well done if you are,..... Billy 

First chemo done

17 Aug 2019 20:49 in response to Positvegal35


I have my chemo on a Tuesday and start to feel tired on the Thursday but I put this down to the injections I have to take. My taste buds go weird and I get heartburn. I then pick up again by the following Tuesday. I’ve had 4 of 6 rounds, the fourth round I had a bit more joint pain and it took me a few extra days to pick up. I’ve gotc round 5 on Tuesday coming. 

How are you feeling today?


First chemo done

17 Aug 2019 21:55 in response to Positvegal35

Hi, have you been given steriods to take for 5 days?


First chemo done

17 Aug 2019 22:36 in response to Positvegal35

My family member was the same did fantastic the whole way through chemo, just a little more tired on the odd occasion but other than that absolutley no side effects.

Well done you keep your spirits up and you will sail through it x

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 06:20 in response to Positvegal35

Hi Positivegal, like you I had my first chemo 3 days ago and felt fine, I have been up half the night with bad pain in both knees and wondering if it could be the chemo (paclitaxel) I do hope you will be fine, scary place to be not knowing what's ahead, all we can do is take one day at a time, I am on weekly chemo for 6 months how about you and how are you dealing with the possibility of loosing your hair, I have been told with paclitaxel it is total, lashes end brows too, yet another thing go cope with. I have been to look at wigs this week while I still have hair so I can match my colour, keep in touch and stay strong and positive, I am sure we will have bad days but with family friends and each other's support i am sure we will get through it. Good luck

Hugs Krissy

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 09:40 in response to Krissy7

Hi I had steroids for only three days, up and at it again today; just listening to my body. Going for small walks and eating what I fancy. Been told my hair will fall out in two weeks, just going to take it and deal with it. Feel I have a positive attitude but 6 sets of chemo is a lot to deal with can’t seem to see a end. Thanks for all your support people means a lot 

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 12:07 in response to Positvegal35

Hey just had second cycle of chem, I suffer terribly with nausia, for 4/5 days then seem to be fine, I think we all think it's going to be dreadful, some are just luckier than others I guess., sending big squishy Scottish hugs xx 

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 14:11 in response to Positvegal35


I got my head shaved rather than wait for it all to fall out. My chemo is different to yours but my eyebrows and lashes have only just started to thin after 4 cycles. C-lash by eyelure are designed for people on chemo, not tried them myself.

You are doing great, fresh air is always good and Listen to your body. I’m not great at taking my own advice by the way and get really frustrated as I want to do more than I can and then tire myself out! I tend to have smoothies for the week after my chemo, easy to make and full of good stuff.

sending you a high five for getting through your first one.


First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 14:27 in response to Woollylamb

Thanks ladies will go and look out for the eyelashes and try the smoothies. Jusy feeling like I can’t do this for another 5 rounds. Think I might go for a small walk see if that pulls me out of this low mood. Thanks

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 15:12 in response to Positvegal35

maybe we are on the same chemo if it’s 6 rounds? Mine is 6 rounds too.  For me the first two dragged but the second two have flown by. I filled my 2nd and 3rd week with meeting friends for lunch and coffee between school runs just to break the day up and to think about something else for a change. 

Just think with every round you are blasting those nasty cells into smytherines.

You can do this you are stronger and braver than you think. Big hugs. X

First chemo done

18 Aug 2019 15:18 in response to Woollylamb

Thanks woollylamlb I have breast cancer so six are needed followed by radiotherapy. Just back from a small walk, feeling a bit more upbeat now. Our schools go back on tues so hopefully I will get into a routine. Thanks for replying feels like I’m not alone. Xx