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Filgrastim - any experiences?

25 Sep 2019 22:44

I've unfortunately been admitted twice since starting my ABVD treatment due to potential infection risk - luckily tests showed negative for infection but none the less I was pumped with antibiotics as my neutrophils were 0.7.

I'm now down to 0.5 - expected levels for lymphoma therapy- but have been put on filgrastim as a precaution.

I have to say the side effects aren't pleasant, all my bones ache like mad and I'm not allowed pain killers incase they mask a fever.

Anyone had experiences of this or similar drugs used to stimulate neutrophils growth?

Anything alternative work for the pain?

I've got a nasty feeling I'm going to be on them every other week until my chemo ends - February next year all being well! That's a long time!

Wishing you all well


Filgrastim - any experiences?

26 Sep 2019 05:12 in response to Ross2991


i had it as part of my treatment and hated it, the achy bones were a problem for me also. I wasn’t allowed paracetamol in case it masked a temp but was given dihydrocodein instead which worked a treat, only needed it for a couple of days each time. Might be worth asking for an alternative pain killer. 


Filgrastim - any experiences?

26 Sep 2019 22:59 in response to Woollylamb

Thanks for the reply!

Oh joy! 

Yeah I'm not allowed pain killers because of the same reason, but I might mention codeine to my specialist, see if they think it's something I could have.

I'm trying hot water bottles at the moment but they aren't doing much.

Did you have any other symptoms from the injections?

I'm feeling particularly shattered but wondering if that's also just the cumulative effect of the chemo too.

Thanks again

All the best


Filgrastim - any experiences?

27 Sep 2019 07:55 in response to Ross2991


I tried the hot water bottle, didn’t work for me either. I think all my other symptoms were the effect of chemo. I got much more fatigued, and I get out of breath walking. Up stairs for example so now I’m done I’m going to increase my exercise to try and improve that. 

Hope you get some painkillers sorted, and I’m here if you need a chat. 


Filgrastim - any experiences?

9 Nov 2019 11:29 in response to Ross2991

Hi Rose

I’m sorry to hear, that you have bone pains with the injection. I too am on Filgrastim injections and find the side effects awful. I have nausea, some bone pain, but my main problem is, that it gives me an awful taste in my mouth and my heart/pulse races like mad. 

I have been told that i have to have them for the rest of my chemo. I have three more to go and I’m dreading in. 

What I found helpful is using mouthwash and drinking Twinings Rasberry and echinacea tea. I also mix mixed berry juice with some water, as I need some nice taste in my mouth.

i hope this helps, and you feel better soon.

Take care