Together we will beat cancer


Festive Greetings

25 Dec 2017 03:09

Dear All,

I know that this is not the best time for many on the forum, but now that Christmas Day has arrived, I wish you all happiness, peace and good health, depending upon where you are along your cancer journey.

For those that are struggling, we are always here for you, so please do not hesitate to call for our support if needed.

Good wishes too to the wonderful moderators and nurses who give us so much help and advice throughout the year.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: Festive Greetings

25 Dec 2017 08:42 in response to Jolamine

Merry Christmas Jolamine and to anybody else who is reading this.  I have not been suffering from cancer myself but have lost so many family and friends over the years to it that I wanted to learn from sufferers and their families.  I have to say I am regularly amazed by the strength that so many people show and also how much sadness I feel when things are so bad.  Human nature never fails to amaze me; the people who have been posting here are generally so great.  Best wishes to you all and pardon my rambling.