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Feeling so scared, pain, bleeding, headaches

14 Feb 2020 23:28

I'm currently 11 months postpartum after having twins, my periods came back at 6 months. I feel that my periods are now about how they were before being pregnant. The last 4 months I've been having cramping straight after my period for about a week followed by either a streak of blood or a bit more a few days after. Sometimes I feel nauseous other times i don't I'm really worried that this could be cancer and with being diagnosed with PND I'm too scared to go back to the doctors. 

One month I've been fine nothing then the next month it's all back again. I did wonder if it was hormone balance related but I'm now so scared it could be cancer. 

Just wondering if anyone else has been through anything similar. I know I need to get checked out but the thought of it all and seeing a doctor is making me feel so sick with worry 

Thank you for your time 

Feeling so scared, pain, bleeding, headaches

17 Feb 2020 16:01 in response to Sarah150

Hello and thanks you for your post.

Unfortunately, as nurses on the forum, we are unable to tell you what the matter is. Overall, it isn't very likely to be anything serious such as cancer. So, try to not over worry about this. Most period related problems tend to be due to hormone imbalances.

You will need to go and see your GP, who can assess you properly. They will be able to advise you more on what might help. 

I hope that this reply is helpful.

Best wishes,