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Fear of chemo

13 Oct 2021 23:36


Im 46 and was diagnosed with DCIS stage 2 breast cancer i had lumpectomy end of Aug. My tumor (4.5cm with margins) was sent for DX Oncotype test, the result came back as 21 and ive been asked to consider 4 sessions of EC chemo (epirubican/Cyclophosphamide) really scared and constantly upset at the thought of the treatment and loosing my hair. I dont have to go for the treatment its just cause im borderline with my score. I feel if I dont have it and it comes back then id be annoyed with myself but equally the thought of having the treatment is causing me anxiety. Has anyone had this treatment and also had the cold cap? How did you feel?

Any advice will greatly be of assistance a very scared and unsure lady.

Thank you x

Fear of chemo

14 Oct 2021 08:49 in response to Pinkribbon

Hello love,

ihad FEC chemo and although it was no walk in the park it was doable, my friend however almost breezed through it. I guess what I want to say is totally up to the individual, plus chemo can be tweaked and anti sickness pills upped. You will be completely looked after.


iI didn't cold cap as it prolongs the whole treatment plus I suffer headaches. Again my friend cold capped and it didn't bother her, she did manage to retain some of her hair although in the end looked a bit like fryer tuck! 

Have you chatted it through with your BC nurse? What does your family say? It's a big decision indeed but I looked upon chemo as my belt and braces anything I could do to bat any chance of reoccurrence away I wanted to take but my score wasn't borderline and my onco urged me strongly to go ahead with it so In essence it was an easy decision to make...


let me know how you get on ❤️

Fear of chemo

14 Oct 2021 10:03 in response to Pinkribbon


I had to reply when I saw your post. Your post is EXACTLY the same as one I wrote a few months ago. I was so so frightened of starting chemo and really had a fear of it.

I'm 41 and I just felt so in shock with it all and so scared of everything to do with it.

Here I am now, just had my last chemo last week! I honestly promise you that it isn't as bad as our minds tell us it will be. I was mainly just very tired and nauseus in the first few days after it and then back to normal again ready for the next cycle ( I had mine every 3 wks) It isn't fun but it is doable! Also the team tweak stuff for you if you have sickness for example, they are always there to help with side effects and help you through it all.

I didn't use the cold cap but a few people I have met did and it worked well for them. I hated losing my hair but I just kept reminding myself what the chemo was killing for me.

Please feel free to send me a friend request and message if you want to know anything at all. I know how scared you are and if I can help in any way then I definitely will. 

Sending so much love and positive vibes your way x

Fear of chemo

17 Oct 2021 10:22 in response to Marlyn

Thanks Marlyn for your reply. Is everything ok with you know? How many sessions did you have?

I have spoken with breast nurse and she couldn't say either way. That's the think being borderline, it down to me, if consultant said id got to have it then i feel that's different. She said they'd had good results from cold cap treatment and the wigs are an option, dont fancy looking like fryer tuck though! Ive mixed responses from my family. 

Thanks again

Fear of chemo

17 Oct 2021 10:30 in response to Laurenren

Hi Laurenren

Thank you for your reply. I haven't seen your post but will have read. I have sent you a friend request.

I dont think im as scared of the treatment its just the thought of loosing my hair and thats the bit im struggling with, it just makes me upset thinking about it I thought I was only going to have radiotherapy then the tablets.

Well done for getting through your last session, thats a huge achievement and something to be very proud of. How many sessions did you have? How are you feeling now?

Thanks x