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Fast. Track colonoscopy

8 Feb 2018 14:22

Hello new to this  been to Drs for cough that's been going on over 7 weeks. 

Finally had chest X-ray and blood test 

was called in to discuss blood results was told I was anemic was not expecting that  told I will here with in 2 weeks from hospital  feeling a bit nervous 

Re: Fast. Track colonoscopy

9 Feb 2018 10:32 in response to Bessieboo

Hello Bessieboo and thanks for your post

I was sorry to read about your  symptoms. It sounds like your doctor has referred you urgently as this means you will have a colonoscopy within  two weeks. But having an urgent referral does not mean you definitely have cancer. In fact most people who are referred urgently don’t have cancer. However, you have been referred because your doctor feels you need to have this scope test, and if necessary you may need to have further tests to find out what is wrong.

You can read more about what happens at the urgent referral appointment by clicking here.

Having tests is bound to be worrisome and most people tell us that they feel unsettled and fretful until the test results are back and they know what is the matter. Try not to anticipate what could be wrong. Most people imagine the worst case scenario which may have nothing to do with your  situation.

I hope you know more soon.

Take care,