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Eyebrow stencils

26 Nov 2021 21:29


I am starting chemotherapy within the next few weeks and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for eyebrow stencils or makeup for when my eyebrow hair falls out?

Thanks so much x


Eyebrow stencils

27 Nov 2021 11:11 in response to Harker1

I had my first cycles of TC chemo 16days ago and my head is really tender today.
Lost some body hair but eye brows are still attached so far.

ive been looking into stick on ones or stencilling then. But havnt seen or heard any recomendedtations.

I looked into micro blading. Found it quite Expensive.Needs to be done before treatment and then top up 6weeks later. Both need to be done before chemo starts. And you shouldn't have anything done for a year.  after.

 Don't use eye brow pencil Usually. Bought a few cheapish ones. Find one of simialar colour to brows
using nose and eyes to plot out eyebrows. Nose to corner of eyes draw dot. Nose to inside corner or eye draw dot. And nose tthrough pupil draw dot -line dots together and use bamboo toothbrush to rub lines to make less sharp.

I tried the cold cap and lasted all of three minutes. 

Has your breast care nurse refered you to a "look good feel better" course. Idelaly they are meant to be a physical class but due to Covid most sessions are online . I did an online session yesterday -was a zoom meeting- had the opportunity to chat with others and offer each other tips of what works best.  They do yoga and Pilates sessions and other bits too. 
Ask your breast nurse about it. 

Efffie xx

Eyebrow stencils

27 Nov 2021 22:34 in response to Harker1

Hi, if you can I'd really recommend getting microblading or micropigmentation (I had this done as my oily skin type wasn't suited for microblading).  I had my 1st cycle of EC just over 2 weeks ago and my hair is really coming out now, to the point where I think I'm ready just to shave it all off.  My  eyebrows are still there but I think it's only a matter of time (if I pluck one I feel nothing, so I think they're dead already if that makes sense?!).  Everyone I've spoken to (I'm part of a breast cancer group) who had either microblading or micropigmentation have said that it was one of the best decisions they made, and those who didn't wished they had).  I managed to get a last minute appointment just 4 days before my first chemo and I know I can't get them topped up etc but even just having an basic shape means I can top up myself with a pencil.  I'm really not a makeup person and the girl who did mine totally understood that I was getting them done more out of necessity rather than actually wanting to have them done and she has kept them as natural as possible (they did look really dark the first few days but then lightened) - if you do decide to get them done make sure you look at lots of photos of the persons work (some I looked at looked as though they'd gone mad with a felt tip!).  I don't know where you're based but the girl who did mine is in Northampton and I'd highly recommend her.

Eyebrow stencils

29 Nov 2021 09:19 in response to Harker1

Morning Harker

I went through 5 months of chemo from Feb.  I really wanted my eyebrows microbladed, but everything was on lockdown before I started my chemo and then I couldn't find anyone to do it for me as I had started chemo.

My eyebrows didn't start falling out until nearly the end, I used this stencil kit(it was reccomended on here to me)

My partner also bought me stick on eyebrows from dimples, I never got around to using these as I had a few eyebrow strands left and didn't want to stick eyebrows over these few remaining strands in case I pulled them out.

I hated having no eyebrows, but they grew back so quick after tretment was over that I was glad I didn't have them microbladed.

Good luck with your chemo