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Exciting progress in pancreatic cancer

28 Mar 2012 10:23

Did you hear the news about progress in pancreatic cancer?

Cancer Research UK scientists may have finally found a way to get effective chemotherapy drugs into pancreatic tumours. Although this is still at an early stage, it's exciting to see that new treatment approaches are being developed for pancreatic cancer, a notoriously hard to treat disease. You can read more about this latest news here

Sarah Cancer Chat

Re: Exciting progress in pancreatic cancer

28 Mar 2012 16:45 in response to Moderator Sarah

Hi Sarah,

Sounds very promising.  I lost a very dear friend 4 years after she had underwent the Whipple procedure.  It was lovely to have her around for that extra time but we knew it was borrowed time all the same. God willing one day there will be a cure for all cancers.

Best wishes,