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Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2016 10:41 in response to Gemini39

U got Alfie's name right Happy he is loving having sparrow about. He's on my bed waiting for sparrow to wake up. She's still on Alaska time. They are 8hrs behind us. She will be going to another rental today until xmas week. She has been to check it out & tis very cute with a very obliging landlord. She is very excited as her dad is driving down to stay overnight & take her to dinner. She hasn't seen him for 3yrs. Her fella arrives on monday. They are madly in love & it will be his first time out of america. All exciting stuff Happy

Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2016 13:52 in response to Seabird

I'm so happy 4 u I'm glad things are sorted out 4 u daughter Happy 

Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2016 17:11 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian sorry 2 here that Mrs B not feeling well hope she feels better soon take care 

Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 07:18 in response to Gemini39

Good morning all

Brian I have missed the post saying mrs B is not well. I am sorry to read that & hope she feels better soon. 

The decs finally came down from the loft yesterday & I'm itching to dress the front windows but know that I have to wait for sparrow to come round this afternoon. This is the first year that I can't do it & find it frustrating. Bruce the spruce still isn't dressed properly as sparrow wanted to do it last night but I had to have an early night & sent her to her cottage. It's hard being on different time zones bcos when I have my energy in the morning she's asleep till early afternoon & by then I'm jacobed. 

Anyway, enough of my waffling Happy 


Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 09:05 in response to Seabird

Couldn't resist it, have dressed the front room window. Sparrow just has to push the hanging rail up higher as I can't get onto step stool. Have strings of square shaped mirrors with beads hanging from rail. (what an old hippy i am) have put new luminous snowflakes all over windows above the beautiful vases of flowers. It looks so pretty Happy have I bored u rigid yet?

Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 09:14 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself, getting ready for Christmas. I must be so nice to have your daughter visiting. I wish we could have had more children but our sons birth was troublesome. I would have loved to have had a daughter as would Mrs B.

I hope you have a great day today, full of fun and laughter, Brian

Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 10:44 in response to Seabird

Good morning little busy bee Happy well I hoping 2 do all my Christmas food shopping later while my hubby got time . Everytime I plan 2 go some where  always something goes wrong my hubby just taken car to see if he need new car tyres . Now he come back 2 back tyres he needed £100 . I might even go 4 meal later if I feel up 2 it Wink well little busy bee it sounds like u haven great time I'm so happy 4 u all . Don't over do it . U never bore me u always put Happy on my face reading u post take care all x x 

Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 11:24 in response to Gemini39

Hi gemini I'm so glad I make u smile Happy

Christmas food shopping is very organised of u!! Sorry your tyres need replacing as if u need that at the most expensive time of year!

Hope u feel up to going out for a meal it'll do u good to be spoilt. X

Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2016 12:26 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian, u might not have a daughter but u have grandchildren which I don't have. Or is it the one grandchild? I really wanted a son the third time but I got my angelchops & wouldn't swap her for the world. 

Thankyou for the good wishes, have a good weekend Happy

Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 08:44 in response to Seabird

Good sunday morning all

sparrows dad (my 1st hubby) is driving down & will be having a tapas lunch here. So much for a cosy dressing the tree as we fell out bcos I wanted to go to bed at 10 & sparrow wanted to decorate bruce as we are on different time zones & the tree has been there since monday!! I do hope she'll get up & get here before her dad!!!

still hey ho tis a brand new day & hope u have a good one xx

Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 09:24 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

I have three grandchildren; two boys and a girl. They have given me so much fun over the years. I used to write short stories and copy me reading them onto a C.D. for my granddaughter. One night my at about two thirty my son couldnt sllep so he was walking about and heard my voice coming from my granddaughters room. He opened the door quietly and thought she had left her C.D. player on and went to switch it off when this quiete voice said, "You can leave that alone; I've another twenty minutes to go yet". It turns out she couldnt sllep either so she had put one of my C.D.'s on. I have also written some stories and bound them into a book for my youngest grandson. My son says he treasures these books and I can believe it as he keeps them in the A5 enevelope I gave them to him and they are still as good a condition as when I first made them, despite the fact he ofen gets them out and reads them. He is the cheekiest one of them all and I dont know where he gets it from allthough Mrs said says I'm to blame ha ha, Brian

Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 10:46 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian Happy

It did my heart good reading your post. You are a great grandfather. Love that u have made a cd of your stories plus the book. They must be such a comfort.

I only got as far as painting & typing a song in a long fold up card called Mr Moon. The guy that published a set of star sign cards I had designed wanted to publish it but there was no dosh to be made so I kept it private.  

Have a good day


Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 11:28 in response to Seabird
Morning seabird that poor tree lol u got busy day 2day . Had busy day yesterday all food shopping done weather was so bad yesterday heavy rain . Went 4 meal it was ok baby enjoyed the food Happy for the first time in ages it was nice to 4 get about what going on . Today it hit me again feel so down baby gone with is father up is mother just done all cleaning I feel so lost without the baby . Not doing much 2day still can't take the baby 2 see my mother she said leave it until Tuesday . I'm rambling now hope u ok Happy

Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 11:36 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini or should I call u rambling rose Happy it poured with rain all day here too. 

I have done my chores & resting up before visitors. 

Brian could u tell me how to access more threads than what it shows me in recent discussions please. For instance I can't get your pics today. 

Every day is Waffling day

11 Dec 2016 12:42 in response to Seabird

All is happy & calm here Happy sparrow is happily going thru our baubles & finally dressing bruce. Celtic instrumental worship music is playing & the sun is shining. All is well in my world & hope it is in yours xx