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Every day is Waffling day

24 Aug 2019 18:23 in response to Seabird

Hello everyone hope u all ok and enjoying the weather Happy 

Every day is Waffling day

24 Aug 2019 20:08 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini

Doing okay thanks and even managed a couple of hours reading in the garden this afternoon.  Have a wedding to go to tomorrow so nice that the weather is settled.  Hope you and the family doing okay too.

Hi to everyone on this thread too.

Jules x

Every day is Waffling day

3 Sep 2019 15:31 in response to Seabird

Well the time have come and my little 1 got induction 2 Moro in nursery . I had missed call yesterday from the nursery phoned them this morning and was told he can start . Got 2 be there at 9:00 9:20 he start until 12:20 he will have dinner there . I been in state 2 day all day had anxiety my head doing over time I have done is clothes ready got 2 wait 2 Moro 2 see what uniform he needs etc . I really wish my mother was here 2 see him going how little things set u back down hill again my heart broken Sad 

Every day is Waffling day

3 Sep 2019 18:55 in response to Gemini39

Aww Gemini the milestones always bring emotions don't they.  Hope your little one enjoys nursery. My youngest grandchild started pre-school this week and the little uniform looks so sweet on her.  My hubby never met the two youngest grandchildren or saw our son married but we talk about him often and in time they will learn of those who they did not meet.  Our old photo albums are a favourite pastime when they visit.  The more so since my Mum died a few weeks ago.I try to draw some strength knowing I am where I am today because of those I love and miss.

Sending virtual hugs and hope tomorrow brings your little one good times ahead.  Jules