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Re: Every day is Waffling day

27 Jan 2018 12:52 in response to Seabird

Hi seabird,

How lovely to now be able to 'visualise' your girls when you talk about them. Certainly not long now until the new baby comes along and I expect the excitement is mounting for all the family.  I have to wait a little longer for my 4th grandchild as the baby is due in mid-July (so far so good).  I have two children both born in the month of February (14th and 21st)  and three years between the. Daughter is 36 this year and son will be 33.  Not sure where the time has gone if I am honest.  Since my daughter and son in law moved with their two boys about 60 miles away (they were 15mins walk away before) visits have to be a more planned affair.  My son is about 20mins away by car (I do not drive so a bit longer if I catch transport but generally they either pick me up or drop me home despite my protests ha ha.

So you are facing another blood test when transport allows.  No doubt if the GP felt it was urgent they would send District/community nurse out to complete the procedure(my Mum's tests are done this way as she is now bedbound in residential care.  I have to go to local hospital  for any blood tests as GP surgery does not offer this service yet.

I am sure you must miss your friend and neighbour whilst they are away on holiday  but know Alfie will be keeping you company.  Look after yourself.  Sending hugs.  Jules xx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

27 Jan 2018 17:08 in response to Seabird

It's lovely to hear more about your girls, Seabird, makes us feel we know you all a bit better.  Also lovely that your youngest doesn't live too far away so it will be easier for them to visit when baby arrives - bet you can't wait.  

Hope you manage to get the blood tests done soon and the results are okay.  I have my 4-monthly bloods on Monday ready for my checkup the following Monday, fingers crossed for us both.

Stay safe, Hazel xx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

27 Jan 2018 17:11 in response to jules54

Nice to hear a little more about your family as well, thanks Jules.

Take care, Hazel xx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

27 Jan 2018 17:14 in response to Gemini39

So sorry you are still feeling so sad, Gemini, sending big hugs and thinking of you this evening. 

Hazel xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

1 Feb 2018 16:28 in response to haze44

Hi all

Hazel hope all is well with your blood test & check up on monday. I shall have my bloods done next wednesday. Evidently it is to check my iron levels but why that wasn't done on previous 2 tests is puzzling. 

Jules thanks for telling us about your family. So a birthday month for u Happy pickle's birthday is on saturday. Apart from phone calls we keep in touch with a whatsapp group which is great as the time differences vary. I love whatsapp. Have another group chat with my 2 brothers & 2 sisters. 

Gemini thinking of you. Please give your boy a hug from me. 

Sending you all love from a very windy cornwall xxx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

2 Feb 2018 09:02 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird,

It's a hello  from a chilly but sunny Middlesex this morning. Hope your appointment next week is straightforward even if the reasoning behind it is puzzling..'ask not the reason why' comes to mind.  I am sure we sometimes feel a bit better for knowing the 'why' even though it leaves us with other questions. When you are not receiving 'active treatment'  maybe they are just making sure all the medical boxes are ticked.  Maybe it will give you the chance of a cheeky coffee or lunch out with your friend.

I am currently scratching my head and trying to think of what tiles I fancy in the bathroom (due to be updated from the 70's in a couple of months).  My son is coming with me over the weekend and I hate making these kind of decisions (hubby wore the 'sensible hat') many variation of 'white' ha ha.  On the upside they have invited me back for dinner afterwards so will get to spend a bit of time with youngest grand-daughter.

We also have a Whatsapp family group and it is in use a lot more now that my daughter and family live further away.  Busy on it last night as my son in law started a new job local to home so no more 120mile round trips. It now takes only 10mins each way.

Sendng hugs to all; take care.  Jules


Re: Every day is Waffling day

3 Feb 2018 17:38 in response to Seabird

Happy birthday to pickle!  

Thanks for your kind thoughts, and I hope your bloods are okay too.  Does seem odd that the iron levels weren't done on the last two tests, only needs to be specified on the one form after all, if your blood test forms are the same as mine.  

Stay safe, dry and warm.  Horrid day here today, dull, soggy and miserable!

Hazel xx