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Every day is Waffling day

1 Dec 2016 08:56 in response to Seabird

Oh how I love online food shopping Happy just done saturday early afternoon shop from the comfort of my sofa all wrapped up in a cosy fleece throw with a good cup of coffee Happy 

Every day is Waffling day

1 Dec 2016 09:19 in response to Seabird

I hope u haven ordered 2 of everything this time Happy 

Every day is Waffling day

1 Dec 2016 14:21 in response to Gemini39

It was 21 pkts of butter lol gemini Happy

in bed for the afternoon siesta time x

Every day is Waffling day

1 Dec 2016 15:21 in response to Seabird

Afternoon Seabird, what a busy girl you've been!  As Gemini said, be careful not to overdo it, I'm sure your girls won't worry about a bit of dust, they'd rather have a well-rested mum!!

Sounds as though you are in for a lovely, happy, exciting weekend, so ENJOY!  Happy

Hazel xx

Every day is Waffling day

1 Dec 2016 17:59 in response to haze44

Happy Thanks Hazel x 

I have everything done that I wanted to do so as my dear old Cornish friend who we all called Pops used to say "Drink water & go slow" which I'm doing.  Pops is no longer with us but his wise words are

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 12:05 in response to Seabird

Been up since 5 & now making myself lie down so it's waffle time. 

GEMINI how was your mum & has your baby's tooth broken thru yet?

My gemini girl who I call sparrow is staying with her sister 'up country' then she will drive down on sunday when the roads are quieter. It's soooo long since I've seen her tis hard to contain excitement. Really I want to dance & leap about cleaning windows ready for xmas decs but I know I can't bcos if I don't rest up the aches & pains become unbearable so hence the waffling to cyber space. 

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 12:55 in response to Seabird

Lol my mother not 2 bad since she on different pain killers I was up there last nite she loves seeing the baby it gives her boost. We had chat yesterday my mother told me yesterday morning she was crying she thought my father was down stairs but he here'd her crying he went in bedroom and asked her what can I do she said to him let's run away so the 2 of them where crying. I just don't know what 2 say to my mother only now and then she open up how she feeling I'm trying to be brave but is killing me . We left about 7:30 because she was tied everytime I leave my mothers my hubby takes us 4 ride that all I done in the car was cry . It's so not fair when we came home my neighbor was out the window she called me to tell me here mother back in hospital she dying they hopping 2 have her home 2 die in here own house not from cancer she haven been well she has loads things wrong with her and they can't do nothing. My head like world wind 2day the black cloud is back and he following me . My baby got 2 teeth down bottom no sign of top ones he bit cranky 2day is gums are red .u try and take it easy 2day x

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 16:09 in response to Gemini39

Gemini, I was so sad when I read your post, so just want to say I am thinking of you all.  God bless, Hazel xx

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 16:21 in response to haze44

Thank u so much it means a lot take care x 

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 16:45 in response to Gemini39

Gemini it's so hard seeing your loved ones suffering & I really feel for u. It's also hard when your baby is suffering & miserable. I hope that the wind blows that big black cloud away & that tomorrow will be a brighter day for u. Sending u a big hug x  

Every day is Waffling day

2 Dec 2016 16:51 in response to Seabird

Thanks seabird means a lot x 

Every day is Waffling day

3 Dec 2016 08:31 in response to Gemini39

Good morning all

Hope u are feeling brighter today Gemini. 

I have a veg stew bubbling away for tomorrow night. (Always better the next day)The neighbours are going to think that an Indian restaurant has opened locally with the delicious smells wafting out of the windows. Have to do things in the morning when I have energy. 

Radio 2 is playing sounds of the sixties which I love on a saturday morning Happy

Hope u have a good weekend all

Love from Cornwall xxx

Every day is Waffling day

3 Dec 2016 09:08 in response to Seabird

Morning seabird lol not 2 bad lying in bed with baby my other half gone work he on call outs this weekend . U have been busy this morning I like listen 2 radio 2 on Sunday morning they play all love songs . Hope u not in 2 much pain thanks 4 asking about me and the baby u got good heart Happy

Every day is Waffling day

3 Dec 2016 11:11 in response to Gemini39

Such a cosy picture u paint Gemini of u & babe snuggled up in bed. Treasure those moments as they go by so quickly. I find it hard to believe my sparrow is 49. Where did that time go???

I'm not in pain thanks as I have taken pain meds (something I use as a 'treat' bcos of liver problems). Currently lying on sofa with Alfie resting up & waiting for my bestie to turn up for coffee Happy

Enjoy your day as much as u can x

Every day is Waffling day

3 Dec 2016 13:54 in response to Seabird

Wish I knew how to access more threads than just the ones shown under recent discussions. Was trying to get Cat2000 music thread. Just heard one of my old favs. 

Sherry by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Happy