Together we will beat cancer


Every day is Waffling day

23 Nov 2016 15:15 in response to Seabird

Mmm bread butter & low sugar marmalade pudding in the oven now

Every day is Waffling day

23 Nov 2016 16:44 in response to Seabird

Have anyone got any ideas in what to buy a mother for Christmas present I don't know if it will be here last Christmas with us . I don't know what to do will I upset here if I buy here present. This Christmas should be the happiest ever it my first baby Christmas and I got this dreading feeling it's hard I don't know what do thanks Sad 

Every day is Waffling day

23 Nov 2016 17:00 in response to Gemini39

Hi gemini, it must be so hard for u. How about a beautiful framed photo of u & your gorgeous baby so she can look at u both whenever she wants. 

One of my girls gave me a lovely photo of the 3 of them in a really pretty frame. It sits where i can see it from my sofa & i feel they are always with me. 

I hope that helps. If your mum is anything like me she will treasure anything u get her. X


Every day is Waffling day

23 Nov 2016 18:02 in response to Seabird

Thanks for you help its so hard you just don't know what to do for the best x 

Every day is Waffling day

23 Nov 2016 18:53 in response to Gemini39

Had another thought. When my mother inlaw was at her end with bowel cancer I bought her a lovely crystal & hung it in her bedroom window so that when the sun shone she had rainbows around the room. She loved it. X

Every day is Waffling day

24 Nov 2016 10:16 in response to Seabird


I know its an american thing but why not!!

I give thanks to God for my many Blessings & pray to Him to bring me strength of body & mind. I also give Thanks for my loved ones & to the NHS & to Cancer Resesrch. 

Every day is Waffling day

24 Nov 2016 17:18 in response to Seabird

Happy thanksgiving  I would like to thank the hospital who give me ivf and it worked first time and give me my miracle baby boy I'm so blessed Happy & my wonderful mother & father who always there for us love them both Happy Thanks to you all on here who answered my post and supporting me through this nite mere I'm in big thank you Happy 

Every day is Waffling day

25 Nov 2016 05:17 in response to Gemini39

Please give that precious boy a hug from me gemini. 

Love from cornwall x

Every day is Waffling day

26 Nov 2016 10:26 in response to Seabird

Hello all waffling woman here Happy

My visitors on thursday did me the world of good. After a prayer session we sang Amazing Grace. Awe inspiring!!!

I just love being able to shop from my bed. Yesterday the rug I had ordered arrived & I'm sooo happy with it. It's to go infront of the sofa to cover up a hole in the carpet which Alfie had made when I first had him. I recently spilt a whole cup of coffee too so online i went. I had to put it outside to air it off as it smelt of chemicals & didn't want that smell under my nose. Luckily it was a sunny day. It was a neighbours birthday & I joked with her that I had laid the red carpet out for her. So u can imagine it the carpet is sand coloured & the rug a claret red patterned one. When another neighbour- the nail technician who used to hang out with my youngedt girl when they were young- came in to glue a thumb nail which had split far too low she said her parents had similar rugs all over the place. I said tis not an old lady's style but Persian Happy

Thanks to Gemini for telling me to waffle on. 

Btw has anyone heard from cococat as i havn't seen any posts from her recently. Hopefully she is just busy with xmas preps. 

Try & have a good weekend

Love from cornwall xxx

Every day is Waffling day

26 Nov 2016 15:26 in response to Seabird

Resting in bed now. Chocolate n coffee cake cooling. It was an experiment bcos last weeks choc cake was dry especially as i make it low butter cos of fatty liver & use Splenda as a sugar alternative bcos of diabetes. Anyway to combat dryness & being a coffee lover (filter) i put in 3/4 of a mug of coffee (with milk) I shall try it when I'm rested with a cup of rosy lee. 

I'm so Blessed with my neighbours. I was talking to one as I stood at my front door & we heard our robin singing from the aerial which I can't see from my door. So I went barefooted down the path to have a look at robin who flew away when I was in sight. Ouch! I had trodden on a tiny piece of gravel. Where are your slippers my elderly neighbour asked. I haven't got any as I had thrown mine out ages ago & I like being barefoot indoors. I went & sat on the sofa with the front door open for fresh air, when she bought a blue pair of moccason type slippers for me to try on. They fitted perfectly & she said she didn't wear them anymore as they kept slipping off. Another example of "If God do not give e do send" I shall take her in some cake later as she wants to try it as she's diabetic too. 

Have I waffled your ears off yet? 

Every day is Waffling day

26 Nov 2016 15:39 in response to Seabird

Hi seabird you can't beat shopping online I have done all the baby and my mothers Christmas shopping online . It takes there stress out of shopping in town and I can't handle when shops are packed I suffer with anxiety . I been wondering about where cococat is hope here father ok . Just haven five tree up back window done got front to do later baby sleeping in bed with is daddy it's hard work trying to do something with baby lol . Hope you feeling ok sun is shining here little bit cold at least is dry . I thing you should change world hello day to everyday waffling day Happy



Every day is Waffling day

26 Nov 2016 17:18 in response to Gemini39

Lol gemini Happy I like that ' every day waffling day' if I can work out how to change it maybe I will but still like world hello day. 

What a lovely picture u paint of daddy sleeping with baby & u putting up the decs. 

When I was little the decs were always put up the eve before my birthday so when I came down the stairs the first thing I saw was a paper parrot lampshade Happy double excitement!!

Btw the cake was delish, couldn't taste the coffee but it is nice & moist. 

 Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

Every day is Waffling day

27 Nov 2016 13:22 in response to Gemini39

As u recomended gemini I changed the title of this thread to your suggestion Happy

Cococat we are thinking of u & praying for u your dad & family xx

Well tis waffling time again. I'm laying on sofa wrapped up in my shaggy, fleece throw waiting for my feet to stop threatening to cramp. I must stop going to raves Happy been making salmon pies. I have started to use food I am lucky enough to have in the freezer to make room for xmas fare. 

Steamed the salmon then sprinkled  finely chopped spring onions over the salmon chunks. Added salt ground black pepper & coriander from jar. Made a cheat sauce by mixing creme fraise with milk poured ontop then madhed spud. So thats tonights & tomorrows dinner sorted Happy

Every day is Waffling day

27 Nov 2016 13:52 in response to Seabird
Hi seabird lol you changed it hope you ok I'm shattered been up most nite with baby I think he got cold coming and he cutting is front top teeth just give him calpol he flat out now . My hubby picked my mother up from her mothers she 97 year old then he gone to play bingo with my father until 3:00 he so good to them. I just finished last of the Christmas window lights give it hour they be falling down lol. Cat is hitting the balls of tree lol . Not doing anything today just chilling it's so cold out . Have you here'd from cococat . x

Every day is Waffling day

27 Nov 2016 15:33 in response to Gemini39

Hi gemini

I'm on bed rest for the afternoon which is the norm for me. Even tho i'm on pain meds am still 'ouching' & the only way to stop the pain is to lie down but I have a lovely comfy bed that my girl & her hubby bought me when she visited in june (the one who lives in florida)

sorry u didn't get much sleep last night hope u managed 40 winks this afternoon altho it sounds as if uou've been a busy christmas fairy. How old is your boy? I used bonjela when mine were teething but that was a million yrs ago!! Apart from Vick rubbed on his chest try putting a bowl of water with 6 drops of olbas oil in it in his room. There again u are probably doing all the right things & I'm just a babbling old dinasuar.  It's really good of your hubby to help out with your parents especially as he doesn't get much time off.  

No I haven't noticed cococat being around, perhaps she is having a break or is busy. 

Hope your lights stay up x