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Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 14:12 in response to jules54

Hello friends & thankyou for your caring posts. 

Following a scan it appears that the lymphoma in my spleen has increased. Tis hard knowing how my cancer is spreading & that they can't treat it. The good news is that there is no change in my liver (cirrhosis)

i am so grateful to have my girls visits to look fwd to & of course the baby Happy

Gemini I am thinking of you x

Love to all xxx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 14:31 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird,

I am sending virtual hugs down your way.  Can only imagine the frustration/hurt that the scan has revealed an increase in the spleen cancer especially as they cannot offer treatment but pleased for  you that this was countered with some good news with regards to the cirrhosis.  Not long now till the fun of having your girls around plus the pleasure of welcoming the newest member of the family soon. 

I am currently sitting by the fire and watching a couple of parakeets making short work of my refilled feeders (the second time they have visited today so it is obviously cold for them too!!).

Take care, Jules xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 14:50 in response to jules54

Hi Jules. Love the image of u sitting by the fire watching the birds Happy

i'm as usual in bed with Alfie snuggled up. Ha that sounds as if I have a man in my bed Happy 

you take care too

carol xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 15:07 in response to Seabird

Well Carol, you do have a man in bed with's just that he has four legs ha ha.  On a chilly day like today reckon it's cool being snuggled up with your best friend.

 Here is a picture of that view I was enjoying earlier today

I have to take through the window as if I try to open the patio doors they fly away!! They have visited twice today so I guess the feeders will be refilled again tomorrow.  Jules xx

P.S. I am thinking of Gemini and all my forum buddies too

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 15:17 in response to Seabird

Afternoon Seabird, you are in the best place I think, in bed with Alfie (maybe better than a man, eh?).  I have just got in from shopping and it's freezing out.

So sorry to hear about your scan result, must have put you in that 'very dark place' if you're anything like me, but I'm sure your sparrow's visit will be a tremendous boost and keep your mind otherwise occupied.  

Thinking of you and sending love and hugs, God bless.

Hazel xx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 15:55 in response to jules54

Jules you read my mind as I thought it would be lovely to see what you see through your window. Thanks for that. I would post pics if I knew how!! 

Hazel brrr hope your nice & warm after your shopping trip. I am glad for online shopping & have nearly got all my presents wrapped & under the Christmas tree which hasn't got a name this year. Bruce the spruce from last year is outside the kitchen window waiting for sparrow to decorate. Hows your xmas preparations going?


Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 18:57 in response to Seabird

Hi seabird sorry 4 u scan results sending u big hug. This year have flown great news that u daughters are coming 2 stay with u over Christmas. Nice 2 here from u im like u it’s a lot easier ordering online u don’t have the stress I’m nearly done as well . Going be mix emotions this Christmas for us u take care keep safe with this bad weather we been haven x x 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 19:10 in response to jules54

Thanks jules u lucky to have different birds in u garden thanks in sharing take care x x 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Dec 2017 20:12 in response to Gemini39

Good to hear from u Gemini. I know its going to be a difficult Christmas for u but your boy is going to bring u so much joy. 

I have just been really bad & opened a selection box which was wrapped & under the tree. Cross with myself as I have been watching what I eat & have lost 2stone never mind the fact that I'm diabetic but that crunchy was delicous. I will give the rest of the box to my neighbour for her grandkids as I must not be tempted again. 

Sending love n hugs xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 08:11 in response to Seabird

Hello friends 

please excuse the waffling but it helps me to manage my emotions. Unfortunately excitement can trigger my bi-polar brain as well as health worries. Imagine a calm pond until someone pokes around the bottom & all the dross comes to the surface ie bad memories which are many. 

Hope that makes sense!!

Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 08:41 in response to Seabird

Mummy Christmas is going to buy a new cd player as mine has broken so I can't play my music which is so important to me. Thank God for the radio. Will have to wait until sparrow gets here. She gets into gatwick thursday morning & will drive down in a hire car which is worrying as she will of been flying all night. Hope the roads are clear of snow 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 08:53 in response to Seabird


I have just bought an internet radio Ican get around 2,600 stations from all round the world. Very impressed with it. Mrs B has a lot of Dreamboats and Petticoats C.Ds and I have found a station of the same name that plays these songs non stop .No adds or even news. Just our sort of music and oh boy some of the songs do it take us back. Providing you have an internet connection it works very well I have also set up some stations that play country music which I also like very much.

Just like you music is very important to me Hope you get your new c.d. player soon.

Kind regards, Brian.


Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 09:10 in response to woodworm

Good morning Brian Happy 

that radio sounds great. Love the idea of you & Mrs B singing & dancing to your favourite music. 

Have a warm & musical Sunday x

Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 11:43 in response to Seabird

I just took the remaining chocolate round to my neighbour the one that takes me to all my hospital & doctors appt & her husband is always  sorting out any household problems which occur. On the other side is a 73 yr old single lady who isn't very well but has got a puppy. She called out to me & asked for some hot water as she had a power cut. She had lights so  I looked to see if her trip switch was tripping & it was. She said the puppy had probably chewed through a cable. I took her a cuppa round but couldn't believe the state of her kitchen. Every surface was piled high & it smelt. My lovely neighbours are going to go round & see what the problem with the electricity is. Its worrying as she is in such a mess


Re: Every day is Waffling day

10 Dec 2017 12:29 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird, 

Might be singing (or groaning according to Mrs B) but no dancing as I am like an Elephant with four left feet with no co-ordination at all ha ha. 

Take care, Brian.