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Re: Every day is Waffling day

13 Oct 2017 12:14 in response to Gemini39

Very big hugs Gemini xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

13 Oct 2017 14:11 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird,

Will join you for that coffee and natter though it is now nearer my lunchtime ha ha.  I am sure you are delighted to know that  your girls will be with you over the Christmas period and a little beyond too.  As Gemini says I am not sure where the past year has disappeared to.  I am lucky enough to be spending Christmas with my daughter and family.  It will be their first one in their new home and hope it will feel really special for them even though it will be busy (they have four members of the family staying for several days and then my son and family will join us on Boxing Day).  My son will drop me back home Boxing Day evening as I have work the next day.  Like you I thoroughly enjoy time spent in their company.

Hope you have some sunshine through your windows in Cornwall. Dull but dry in Middlesex.  Take care and hugs sent your way.  Jules

Re: Every day is Waffling day

13 Oct 2017 14:16 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini

Just wanted to send some hugs your way. My children/grandchildren keep me going too when we have those bad days.  My grand-daughter will be 18mths at Christmas (grandsons 4 and 9 by then).  We will always miss those we have lost even though they live within our heart always.  Be kind to yourself and get plenty of cuddles from your little one.  Jules x

Re: Every day is Waffling day

13 Oct 2017 16:29 in response to Seabird

Gosh, it only seems like yesterday that you were looking forward to seeing your girls last Christmas and now here you are with their visits to look forward to again!  

Sending hugs, Hazel xx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

24 Oct 2017 12:31 in response to haze44

Hello lovely friends Happy

Just had a coffee with Suzy & now resting. Sadly Jules no sunshine through the windows so no rainbows in here but there's sunshine in my heart Happy & instrumental reggae playing Happy

Sending you all love from Cornwall

Carol xxx


Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Nov 2017 17:34 in response to Seabird

Hi everyone hope u all ok seabird hope u ok and all ok with u daughters. Haven done much back in work now only few hours in the morning so it keeping me busy. My hubby do have the baby 4 me until I come home then he goes work . I haven my good and bad days lately it’s been mostly  bad have been struggling bit I think that time year again knowing last year was my last Christmas with us it’s going be really  hard this Christmas my mother not here so much is changing. Miss her so much and my gran so much have happened this year it’s been hard 2 years for us . Some good news my nephew and is fiancé haven girl Happy they moving into new house my other niece moving 2 . My other niece got in engaged on the weekend so happy 4 them Happy my heart broken I wish my mother was here 2 see all what happened Sad it’s so hard I’m rambling again it’s so hard 4 me 2 put in words how I’m feeling Sad I wish I could stop reliving what have happened it’s so hard 2 stop thinking Sad 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Nov 2017 18:26 in response to Gemini39

Hi Gemini

I recognise the keeping busy way of coping day to day.  Grieving has no time limits and we will always miss those we've lost.  Think you are right in that this time of year is especially difficult.  Being back at work for a few hours will help a little and that little baby of yours will melt your heart at times.  Those first times without our loved ones and then the family 'happy' news remind us what we have loved and lost but know both your gran and mum would be very proud of you as you take tiny steps forward in your own life's journey.  I hope in time you will be able to rely on happier memories to replace those sad times.  As a family we are now making sure that the grandchildren know it is okay to talk about the grand-dad they miss and when your own child is old enough you will share wonderful memories/photos too, I am sure.For now taking one day at a time is a way forward and chatting with friends (real and virtual) does help.

From a personal point of view I am unfortunately watching my own mum slowly fading and she is rarely awake when I visit now. More hard times ahead I guess.

Sending virtual hugs to you and to Seabird down in Cornwall.  Jules xx 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

9 Nov 2017 22:13 in response to jules54

Thank u so much jules I’m sorry 2 read about u going through it with u mum . It seems like it 1 thing after another . Take care thanks again x 

Re: Every day is Waffling day

16 Nov 2017 17:43 in response to jules54

Sorry to read about your mum Jules & wishing Gemini good days with her boy. 

Waving to you all xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

17 Nov 2017 15:30 in response to Seabird

Sending a big wave right back, Seabird, plus a hug.  Hope you are as well as possible, take care!

Hazel xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

17 Nov 2017 16:01 in response to Seabird

Thanks Seabird.  Waving right back at you from a chilly Middlesex.Hugs sent too. Jules xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

7 Dec 2017 09:39 in response to jules54

Hello lovely people

I'm getting excited as sparrow will be here next thursday Happy my youngest girl plus bump & fella came down from bristol last weekend. My goodness how the bump has grown!!

sending love from cornwall xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

7 Dec 2017 11:16 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird,

Hi from a wet and widy Sussex. My how this year has flown by; It doesnt seem that long ago you were looking forward to your daughters visiting you last Christmas and here we are again. Take care, best wishes, Brian

Re: Every day is Waffling day

7 Dec 2017 11:25 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird, how are you doing down there in Cornwall?  As with Sussex, east London is very wet and windy, horrid, but I don't suppose you care what the weather's like when you are looking forward to being a granny and seeing your sparrow again! 

Take care, sending love back, Hazel xx

Re: Every day is Waffling day

7 Dec 2017 15:22 in response to Seabird

Hi Seabird

Exciting times having your youngest daughter with growing bump plus her partner visiting last weekend and now just a week until sparrow arrives.  I know you will have enjoyed/enjoy a good gossip and catch up.

My daughter and family are paying a flying visit this coming Sunday and then I am going to them for a few days over the festive period so seems we will both be enjoying ourselves.

love and hugs from Middlesex.  Jules xx