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Eva Cassidy

16 May 2018 15:29

Just laying here on my jim jam day , listening to eva Cassidy... what an inspiration ... her voice is like how the angels must sound ... her brave cancer journey will help others ... those words in "songbird" priceless ... her voice will live on forever.. cancer at it's crulest ... human love at it's best ... priceless ...  hope she's leading the angels in song up there ... ❤❤ 

Re: Eva Cassidy

18 May 2018 09:39 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss,

Listening to Eva Cassidy sounds like a lovely way to relax on your jim jam day - she really does have a wonderful voice (my mum has her Songbird album). It's amazing how easily music can improve your mood no matter what is going on in your life, as I'm sure other members have found out as well.

Anyway, keep enjoying and updating us on your jim jam days when you can Chriss as it's always nice to know what you're doing in your spare time Happy

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator