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ENT referral lymph nodes

25 Apr 2018 14:43

I saw my Dr yesterday to get results from ct scan with contrast on neck, a chest x-ray and bloods. I've had multiple persistent painless enlarged lymph nodes in my neck, one above my collar bone, and 2 in my groin since november/december now with more in my neck appearing, and fatigue. The lymph nodes aren't particularly big, unfortunately I don't know exact sizes, they aren't visible through the skin.

My chest x-ray was normal, my ct was apparently "iffy" (the word my gp used) because they couldn't tell if they were normal reactive nodes or not - I wish i'd asked more Qs about this because I don't understand this. They also saw from my ct that more had appeared since her first examination of me. My blood work was normal in regards to liver function, kidney function, blood count, but I had a raised inflammatory marker which she referred to as a 'red herring' and so wants to look at this again at the end of june to make sure its come back down. This has frustrated me as I have not been ill, and so surely this should be a red flag rather than a 'red herring' ? She has put me on urgent referral to ENT because she basically doesn't understand why I have these lymph nodes with more coming up and said they might choose to biopsy. She said in lymphoma she'd usually expect them to have grown much more in the time frame they first appeared, but am I right in that hodgkins lymphoma they actually often grow quite slowly? I only noticed new ones had appeared in my neck about 3 weeks ago (2 weeks after my ct scan) and in this time i'd say they've got slightly bigger but not drastically (like a small bean). I feel frustrated because I don't seem to have any further clarification, and its going to be even more waiting, although I know realistically theres probably not much more my gp can do at this stage.

In regard to the ENT referral, what should I expect from the appointment? Has anyone else had any experience with ENT when they had enlarged lymph nodes?


ENT referral lymph nodes

25 Apr 2018 16:07 in response to SunshineEm

Hello Em

I don't have experience with enlarged lymph nodes but have had 2 biopsies of a nodule growing on my Thyroid (just above collar bone) I was also done under the 2 week urgent referal. The biopsies I had were FNA. After a scan they said it was suspicious so numbed the area with local and then using a needle took 2 samples from the lump in different parts. While it was uncomfortable it was not too bad and over very quickly. I didn't bruise but it was sore for a few days and got results in 1 week. Currently waiting for my op to remove it with half my thyroid as the biopsies came back suspicious too. I'm sorry I can't offer any more advice on it but they were all lovely and kind. 

All the best