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enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

29 Apr 2019 18:42 in response to becky1984

Hi Becky,

He said my blood test results showed no signs of autoimmune syndromes but that hayfever came up as 2.5 when most are < 0.3. But that wasn’t news to me as I know I’m allergic to grass pollen (May/June months being worst). All a bit weird that my eyesight prescription has noticeably worsened in recent weeks and I have tinnitus and mild headaches. 

Maybe I’ll see a GP at the end of the week if the headaches persist.........I am like you in that I want to know ‘why’. Maybe I should temporarily stop taking the Omeprazole and see if that ceases the symptoms!

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

30 Apr 2019 11:35 in response to SunshineEm

Saw the gp this morning, she still didn’t seem overly concerned. She had a feel of the lymph nodes, a good feel of my tummy (couldn’t feel spleen which is good) and said we’ll do a full blood count. I had one done in Feb for something else and she thinks that something would be likely to show up if there was anything nasty going on (or at least she’d see a change from the previous results).

I’m not sure - I’ve heard a lot of people say that lymphoma doesn’t show In blood results. However she said as the nodes are so widespread and have been there a while she thinks there would be some abnormality in a blood test. If all comes back normal she thinks I should try to forget about it unless I get some obvious symptoms or the lymph nodes grow or change. She didn’t feel an ultrasound would be helpful as she can’t pinpoint one node of concern for them to check. I’m not really sure what to think, it seems at odds with what others say, but she presumably knows her stuff so I suppose I have to try and trust her judgement.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

30 Apr 2019 14:30 in response to becky1984

Hi Becky, 

I'm glad your appointment today didn't flag up any cause for concern. I think as someone said earlier as difficult as it can be there is a point we have to accept sometimes the glands are up for no apparent reason. If your bloods come back clear I'd try to be reassured, I know it's easier said than done. Everything I read in Google said large collar bone nodes were almost always awful yet here am I they've been checked and cleared. They're large, but harmless. Sometimes these things just happen I suppose. 

I've been to my GP today again too who is going to organise a scan of my right ovary and general right abdomen to try and explain my constant nausea and lack of appetite. He thinks I either have a cyst on my ovary or perhaps my intestines have developed scar tissue and are "sticking together" as a result of an open appendectomy I had almost 12 years ago. It seems a long time to me but he says it can happen. He doesn't believe any of my symptoms are anything more sinister so after this scan I can just relax!

Dave omeprazole did give me headaches, they were more a lingering nuisance than severe but they were there. They disappeared a few days after I stopped taking it. Could be a coincidence, but seems unlikely. 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

30 Apr 2019 18:52 in response to Littleoldme

Hi Littleoldme,

Funnily enough, I spoke to one of my team at work about Omeprazole today and he said he was prescribed it, but after a week of headaches, eyesight and hearing issues AND diarrhoea, he ‘sacked it off’ and takes water with a few millilitres of cider vinegar to treat his reflux.

So, today is Day 1 of my trial run of going Omeprazole-free to see if the new symptoms disappear. My throat symptoms are still annoyingly the same, but I am coming round to thinking I’ll just have to wait/hope for those to fade (the ENT guy claims he’s done all he needs to have done). Never known a virus to be so set in like this though.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 17:28 in response to DaveW1970

Hi all 

Sorry to chime in (again) but I’m glad to hear that your tests are coming back with positive results, although it’s frustrating when the symptoms don’t subside. 


I went to my GP today for the results of my ultrasound. I have 1 cyst measuring 2.8cm but benign (thank goodness) and another nodule that’s a mix of hard matter and cyst... doc says it would usually warrant FNA but it’s too small at present and they wouldn’t get anything useful from it. I’ve to go back for an ultrasound in 6 months to track if there are any changes. 


Im partly reassured and partly worried. One is benign, one is complex but “looks benign” because of the size. I know I should be 100% reassured but you can’t help think “what if” with the smaller one! I asked her if it is something bad and it’s left 6 months will it have a big impact and she said no.... so that’s reassuring! 


The joys eh! Hope everyone is doing well xx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 17:47 in response to scotland0194


After getting told nearly 3 weeks ago that my lump wasnt lymphoma, throat cancer or myeloma going to see a othopedic surgeon who ENT referred me to as still dont know what lump is said there where abnormal cells in it but its confined to neck. So apparantly they had a mdt meeting last week about it so tomorrow is the results. As i’m told good or bad they dont give anything over the phone.  So i’m thinking if it was anything sinister i wouldnt be kept see a orthopedic surgeon.  I’ve had a FNA, MRI, CT scan and a core biopsy. 

I’ve decided to go private as the doctor been referred to works in the private hospital aswell and after waiting for my appointments to come through for hospital to say couldnt find me got annoyed. 

Hope everyone is trying to stay positive and hope u all get the results you hope for. 

Nicci xxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 18:25 in response to Littleoldme

Yep, I think I need to try and accept it for my own mental health! I’m going to do my best to ignore it and see how it is in a month. If it’s something to worry about I guess it will progress in that time. I think I’d feel better if they were scanned but will try not to think about it for now.

that sounds really unpleasant for you! I hope you can get those answers and some reassurance very soon.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 18:29 in response to becky1984

I totally know what you mean! I think I’ll go nuts if I don’t try and park this mentally! It just takes its toll doesn’t it. 


Hope youre well x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 18:40 in response to scotland0194

Hi scotland,

Thats great news the cyst is benign! I really relate to you with those “what if” thoughts. I also had a might be/might not be result (for a slow growing lymphoma) after a pet scan I had back in the summer, I was meant to have a biopsy but as it looked benign on ultrasound I decided not to as I didnt want the scar on my neck at the front and it seemed silly when the US image looked benign. Occasionally i think I should have just had the biopsy for peace of mind, but the drs weren’t particularly concerned anyway. It wont be easy but if you can it is best to try and forget about it. Like you said, it should become more obvious within the 6 month time frame if it is something bad, but all my fingers crossed for you that wont happen!! 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 18:42 in response to nicci20


I hope your results go well tomorrow. Do keep us updated and whatever happens there are lots of people on this forum here to listen. Xx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 18:45 in response to SunshineEm

thank you will do xx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 19:31 in response to scotland0194

Absolutely! It’s so hard to try and switch off from it, but I feel it’s taken over my life right now! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get positive news and can relax a little soon.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 20:31 in response to becky1984

Yeah, I too wish Nicci20 all the best for tomorrow, keep us posted - got my fingers crossed.

Day 2 without Omeprazole and my symptoms are still as strong as ever........doh! Please let this head rubbish be a side-effect.

SunshineEm, were you getting other symptoms during the slow growth of the lymphoma? I ask because I too have had positive news back from a neck US and would hate to think they’ve been too hasty in drawing a favourable conclusion.



enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 20:51 in response to DaveW1970

Hi Dave,

I wasn’t actually diagnosed with a slow growing lymphoma, but I had a pet scan with mild uptake in my neck. They basically lit up a bit more than they should have, but not enough for it to be “aggressive” or for them to say 100% this is a lymphoma. It was kind of a borderline result. The haemotologist recommended biopsy to be sure but the US radiologist and an ENT surgeon felt confident they were benign... so here we are today. I try to trust their judgement! They haven’t grown since + i’m young so chances are it was a false positive. My only other symptoms were tiredness & swelling/pain above my collarbone after drinking alcohol, but weirdly enough this only happens very occasionally now. I would perhaps suggest waiting a week or 2 and if the symptoms persist and you don’t feel any better then go back to your GP? Would the side effects from medication wear off instantly, or would it take a few days for the medication to fully leave your system? 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

1 May 2019 21:12 in response to SunshineEm

Hi Em,

I think I read (further up this thread) that it could take up to 4 days for drug side-effects to fade once you stop taking it, so I guess I’ll know the score at the weekend.

If they do fade, I’ll still be going to the GP in order to ask for Zantac as an alternative to Omeprazole to treat silent reflux.

Sorry, I misunderstood your situation - sounds like you had a false alarm (which is nice to read). At my age, I definitely find alcohol can cause pain.......usually throughout the following day!