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enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

16 Apr 2019 23:18 in response to scotland0194

I hope the ultrasound goes well for you, is this the first test that you’ve had? How long have you had your symptoms for? I too have gone private as the nearest appointment I could get on the nhs was June 11th! So am happy to pay to see consultant next Friday instead. I was on the usc pathway but as my abdominal ct and neck mri came back clear I was taken off it. Although now this lump has appeared who knows, perhaps they’ll put me back on. Such a stressful time, it’s nice to speak to people going through the same thing as they know how you feel. Please keep me updated with your results xxxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

17 Apr 2019 11:52 in response to Young_mum

Yes this is the first test I’ve had for my neck! I’ve had this swelling for quite a while and I had been ignoring it until I started getting my bowel symptoms and fatigue. The waiting lists are a nightmare, especially with being so anxious. 

Sorry I’m hopeless I am not aware of what usc stands for!  It is really nice to be able to share any worries/concerns and get advice and reassurance, as my GP certainly isn’t great in the reassurance department lol. 

Hope you’re feeling a bit better today xxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

18 Apr 2019 21:29 in response to SunshineEm

I am doing the same from 4 days

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

18 Apr 2019 23:25 in response to Hunedoara1
Hi everyone, I’m in the same boat as you guys - I’ve got 6 swollen lymph nodes on the sides of my neck and under my chin. Ultrasound results = lymphadenopathy- swollen lymph glands which I already knew Luckily he said they looked more reactive than anything, but I’ve not had an infection or been unwell and they’ve been swollen for over two months now. Now my GP has referred me to ENT where I’ll have the largest one biopsied. My bloods came back with high inflammatory markers indicating systemic inflammation too. Good luck to everyone waiting for tests and results.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

21 Apr 2019 23:53 in response to Lilabelle


Hi Lilabelle,

I am glad to hear that your GP has now referred you to ENT and, hope that you won't have too long to wait before you get an appointment. Hopefully they will be able to trace the source of inflammation and nothing untoward will be found.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 01:01 in response to Jolamine

Thanks Jolamine, you’re very kind.  It’s the waiting that’s driving me nuts, although my GP has said that I’ll be seen within two weeks as I’m on the urgent pathway.   

Take care,


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 15:18 in response to Lilabelle

Hi everyone  

I hope everyone is keeping as well as can be and feeling positive. I'm still waiting for my GP appt on the 30th of April to discuss the results of my Ultrasound on my swollen nodes. I have began to suffer some unpleasant gastric issues which are now causing me no end of concern. I have never suffered with indigestion but now I have it daily. It started in Feb and has been getting progressively worse to a point its every single day. I have little appetite and am extremely nauseated constantly. I also have pain in the lower right of my back over the last few days. I got an urgent appt and was given omeprazole and metoclopramide which were helping but I have had to stop taking them to have an endoscopy on 26th. Does anyone else have experience of the swollen nodes and gastric issues? I have had some new bowel problems too but these could be explained by the new medications. Also if anyone has had an endoscopy how long did you wait for results? I have 4 kids and am struggling feeling constantly sick and exhausted. 

Thinking of everyone awaiting tests and results x 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 16:15 in response to Littleoldme

Hi Lilabelle,

I suffer from IBS, so bowel issues are part of daily life for me, unfortunately. It does seem worse recently though (coinciding with my other symptoms). I’m also on Omeprazole as my throat showed signs of silent reflux during a recent nasoendoscopy (I have a hiatus hernia which was discovered in 2012 via an endoscopy, not the nasal type).

The endoscopy in 2012 wasn’t painful and I got my results there and then because they spotted the hernia in the top of my stomach (I’d been suffering with regular heart burn at the time).

I hope there’s a simple explanation for your indigestion and your mind is put to rest soon.


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 18:55 in response to DaveW1970

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I did consider IBS, but it seems so odd that my symptoms have had such strong and sudden onset. I am hoping for a hernia or something of the like for my gastric issues. As well as nausea and indigestion I also have occasional feeling like food is sticking in my chest of all places on the right hand side, not often but it can be quite distressing. I am hopeful it's just a result of reflux or something. I still have multiple swollen glands but no recent infection. The wait is torture, not least because the symptoms in the meantime are unpleasant.and affecting daily life.

I'm terrified at the thought of an endoscopy, I have a gag reflex that goes off at anything. Hopefully I will be OK. 

Thanks again.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 20:14 in response to Littleoldme


Regarding the endoscopy, once the tube is past your tonsils, it really is plain sailing from then on (I remember it well as it was one week before my wedding!). Just keep telling yourself that you’re going to do whatever it takes because you’re going get yourself sorted out for you and your family. That’s what I do whenever I face these invasive procedures (in my 48 years I’ve so far endured a sigmoidoscopy, two colonoscopies, an endoscopy and a nasoendoscopy - all in the hope of finding out what’s going on). Note: You are given an anaesthetic which works well. I have twin 4 year old girls so I’m well aware of the worry these symptoms cause. My nodes in my neck and armpits have been playing up since mid-Feb, I’m still fatigued and sweating a bit at night and I’m still none the wiser despite an ultrasound, two lots of blood tests and a chest X-ray. But I see a Dermatologist next Friday and the ENT specialist again next Monday - and I just keep telling myself they will crack the mystery, and I’ll do what I have to once I know the score. Sounds like you’re doing your utmost to get answers rather than bury your head in the sand, that’s very sensible and I’m sure it’ll pay off. Give yourself a pat on the back for being proactive as a few don’t listen to their bodies.


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 20:24 in response to Littleoldme

Hi littleoldme,

Sorry to hear you are in a similar situation to me, I too have been experiencing gastric issues as well as swollen lymph node in my neck. I had a nasal scope as I’ve been spitting blood and they found a bleeding ulcer at the back of my nose which was suspicious so I had a neck mri but nothing of concern was found. Since the mri the lymph node has appeared so I’m concerned now that this wouldn’t have been picked up and as I’ve had a neck mri once already I doubt they’ll do one again. (Although I do have a head mri coming up, do you think that picks up node under the ear?) Anyway this all started one night when I woke up with water in my mouth, I felt nauseous all weekend, had a strange taste in my mouth and lumps and bumps in my stomach. I had an abdominal ct and all fine, I had endoscopy and they found thrush in my throat and an abnormal blood vessel in my stomach which they cauterised. I’ve been on omeprazole for months but I’m still not right. I also have chest pain and shoulder pain which I’ve had since last October, it comes and goes throughout the day, which at first I thought was related to my stomach but now I just don’t know. The endoscopy itself was fine, a bit unpleasant when they were finding the equipment to cauterise but overall it was fine (my gag reflex is awful too) I had my results straight away, they gave me the report. I think if they find something they tell you. Good luck, hope you get to the bottom of things xxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Apr 2019 20:42 in response to DaveW1970

Thanks Dave, I had a brain MRI after an expected TIA back in January and I was terrified of that too but in the end like you say you do what you have to do when it comes down to it. I'm 35 but feel 65 lately! I have a 4 year old boy, you must have your hands very full with two at that age! I have 3 older girls too but they were never as much of a whirlwind as my boy haha, I need to be on top form to keep up with him.

Young Mum thanks for taking the time to respond. We do seem quite similar in our cases. I went to the GP with persistent neck pain on the right side and the Dr spotted my right collar bone lymph node was very large. He gave me a week of antibiotics and I'm sure it shrunk a bit but it's still large by any standards. I also have other large mobile glands in my neck. The US consultant said he saw nothing of concern in my subclavicular swelling but that if it didn't go down CT would be the next step. My gp called and said to see him on the 30th to discuss, so I'm assuming that's to decide whether a CT is necessary or just to leave it be. I found the omeprazole and metoclopramide did make a big difference to me but I can't take it until after my endoscopy now as they said it can affect the results. I also don't like to just blindly medicate without knowing the cause because I would rather cure than mask symptoms, or at the very least know what I am dealing with. I'm afraid I've only had a brain MRI so I couldn't say whether yours will show the nodes at your ear  I'm sure someone elsw can advise though.  Like you I've had some chest pain also. I think it doesn't help that I've become very sensitive to every little niggle and quite anxious about my health in general. Probably making it worse!

Fingers crossed for you both for your journeys, here's hoping for good news for us all x 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Apr 2019 15:42 in response to Littleoldme

Hi all, 

Sorry to butt in, but I posted previously in this thread about waiting for an US scan of my thyroid. I have my scan tomorrow afternoon. I decided to go private as I was becoming anxious with the long waiting lists. Over the last few days I feel like my swelling has decreased a little. Still have other symptoms (fatigue, chest pain, breathlessness at night and feeling like something is stuck in my throat) but I’m worried I am wasting people’s time and money by going to my scan of my swelling is beginning to go down. I don’t know whether I am just wanting to stay clueless and so making myself believe the swelling is less. My family have helped pay for my scan and I feel awful letting them do that if it’s not needed. Really don’t know what to do. 

Sorry if this is inappropriate I just have nowhere else to turn for advice. 

Many thanks x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Apr 2019 16:03 in response to scotland0194


Your family want you healthy, both physically and mentally. So if the US gives you peace of mind then it’s worth every penny.

I’ve had similar symptoms to you and I also had a chest X-ray done via the NHS which just needed a GP referral then it was a case of popping to the hospital as and when convenient (not a set date and time). Both the US and X-ray were reassuring although my throat symptoms, fatigue and night sweats are admittedly still dragging on.


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Apr 2019 16:10 in response to scotland0194

Hi Scotland, 

I'd go for the scan if I were you. I was referred through my GP and got an appointment within 2 weeks, it seems to be a bit of a lottery depending where you live how quickly you are seen. I think the problem you will have is that you can't possibly know if it's needed until you've been! I'm sure no one in your family will be upset with the good news that there was nothing to worry about and if there was something at least you could start to deal with it. Please do go along, I think if you don't you will become more anxious. 

Very best of luck and do let us know how it goes x