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enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

16 Mar 2018 13:39

Hi all! Sorry if this is slightly long to read.

I'm 21, and female. In november, I noticed one of my lymph nodes in my neck was enlarged, without any other signs of illness. Shortly after my groin swelled up, and then I noticed another in my neck was enlarged too. The groin 'swelling' seemed to go down, I occasionally worried about the ones in my neck, but didn't do anything about it. Since november, I have been getting increasingly tired, however this comes and goes. Some days I am fine, other days I am exhausted, and it is completely unrelated to how much sleep i've got! One in particular on my neck seemed to be growing larger, and I then noticed I could actually still feel the one in my groin. I've also seemed to have slightly tender side of my breast, on one particular side, which comes and goes too. I don't know if this is related.

I finally went to my GP on monday, and she examined me and found some more  - another in my neck, one above my collar bone, and another in the other side of my groin. So in total I have 6, that I know of. I'm also convinced another one has swelled up in my armpit since I saw her, but I don't know if this is stress related? The day it felt swollen, the side of my breast on that side was also tender to touch (the opposite to where it has previously been sore). I've also seemed to have developed a 'tight chest' feeling and a chesty cough when I breathe in deeply since seeing her, after she pressed down on my stomach and told me to inhale/exhale, but then again, maybe its always been there/ is stress related? I'm just noticing it now?
I had a chest x-ray this morning, have a CT scan on my neck in just under 2 weeks, and blood tests in about 3 weeks. I feel a bit confused to be honest, I know they're testing 'to rule out' cancer, but what does this actually mean? a specific type of cancer? any cancer? I don't really understand the stages of diagnosis, and how likely really is this to be cancer? I don't think I've had any significant weight loss, and I definitely have not had night sweats to the point I've drenched the sheets, i've woken up hotter than usual some nights but that could be a whole range of things.

 I know lymphoma can cause enlarged lymph nodes - does anyone know if 6 palpable nodes is a bad sign? The one in my neck that I had originally noticed seems to feel quite hard and doesn't move, but my GP did say the ones in my groin area are movable and so that is more 'promising'. I'm trying to stay positive but the worry is really eating away at me, at a time where i'm trying to write my university dissertation too!

Any kind of insight/opinion would be really helpful/appreciated, its driving me crazy!


EDIT: I also had glandular fever 2 years ago, so we know it isn't this. 


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

17 Mar 2018 11:41 in response to SunshineEm

Hi SunshineEm. Welcome to the forum.

I'm not a doctor and to the best of my knowledge no one else is here. 

Doctors have a massive tool box of tests backed up by years of training. The trouble is that there are few tests that can definitively say you've got such and such a disease. But rather the tests say that some level of a particular protein or hormone is higher or lower than normal, or there's a mass in this point in the body, or this nervous reaction isn't what we'd expect from a normal person. Indeed, any of these tests can return negative or normal results. Individually, one test result usually tells the doctor nothing; it's only when results from multiple tests are combined together that the doctor can hazard a diagnosis. 

So when faced with a patient whose diagnosis isn't obvious, the doctor reaches into the toolbag, and pulls out a whole set of tests. Which particular tests are dictated by guidelines and the doctor's own experience of which tests to run with the patient in front of her. And so you suddenly find yourself having multiple blood tests, and maybe imaging such as ultrasound, MRI or CT. Or maybe you're thrust on a scary two week urgent pathway.  

Now, often the first thought in your head is OMG, the doctor thinks I've got cancer! I'm going to be dead in a year's time!! If you then look up the tests on Google and find that they're used in cancer diagnostics then your anxiety level really ramps up a notch or two. That's only human, but the reality is that the doctor is simply running a series of obvious tests (obvious, if you're a doctor) and when the results come in, maybe there'll be enough information to figure what's wrong with you. Until then, you have an undiagnosed disease.

All the tests you've had so far seem reasonable for a patient presenting with your symptoms, but no one will know what it is until the results are in, but overwhelmingly the odds are that your body is fighting some infection. 

Please keep us updated with your results. Good luck. 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

17 Mar 2018 21:03 in response to telemando

Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it.

Its funny because what you said about googling the tests and seeing they're used in cancer diagnostics and then anxiety ramping up... its exactly what i've been doing this week (haha). Not to mention googling my supravicular lymph node being enlarged and seeing a multitude of studies suggesting it "always" suggests malignancy - its silly really why we do this to ourselves! Only our doctors can find out, not google.

I will keep you updated. Thank you.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

17 Mar 2018 21:36 in response to SunshineEm

I've done it myself, and ended up frightening myself silly. 

I suggest you put Google back in its box for now. We're always here if you want (or need) to talk again. 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Mar 2018 12:56 in response to SunshineEm
So I've just had my chest x -ray results, and they were clear! Obviously feeling extremely relieved and so so glad, although the worry hasn't completely left me. Does a clear chest x-ray rule out lymphoma or other cancers? or does it just mean I don't have it in this area? I know obviously its a good sign I don't have a mass or anything along those lines in my chest! My CT scan is on my neck, as my largest node is there and is the one shes most concerned about, and that is on Wednesday so now its just a matter of waiting again.

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

2 Apr 2018 19:00 in response to SunshineEm

Sorry I don't have any answers for you but I am going through the same thing.

I only have one hard swollen node above my collar bone that I have found anyway. I have been for an ultrasound and ct scan so hopefuly will get some kind of results tomorrow. 

I have also Googled and found nothing good so expecting the worst.

Hope you get some good news. 

All this worrying is awful 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

5 Apr 2018 15:37 in response to Summer88
The worry is the worst part - I just want to know! Did you get your results back? I was told a 2 week wait for my ct results... and only had my bloods taken yesterday so I wont have any further answers now until next week. I hope your results were normal and you can finally stop worrying and relax!

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Aug 2018 12:28 in response to SunshineEm

Hi SunshineEm, 

i am going through a similar thing! I’m 20 and soon to be going into my final year of uni so I deffo don’t need this stress!! I have had a swollen, painless lymph node under my neck for 3 weeks now, without any illness. Yesterday the lower part of my neck near my collar bone is feeling swollen and fat, and hurts a bit. I’m still waiting for an appointment with the ENT. 

Did you ever find out what yours was?? 

Thank you xx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Aug 2018 13:22 in response to Ells2098

Hi Ells2098,

Sorry to hear this. I am still going through testing, so no unfortunately, but it looks like aggressive lymphomas are ruled out. My cough is still present, and I started to also get pain and actual swelling above my left collarbone within consuming a few sips of alcohol in april/may, so I convinced myself it was hodgkins. I was told by the drs in wales (I was at uni there) 'no evidence of lymphoma' at the end of June. I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck, above collarbone and under my armpit but with the use of ultrasound they didn't think they appeared suspicious. The largest one is 3cm x 1.4cm. 

The alcohol pain continued, and one in my neck appeared to grow, so I went for a 2nd opinion back here at home. I have had a pet scan, which showed some uptake in my right cervical and collarbone nodes, but no where else, so I am having a biopsy to rule out a low grade lymphoma (aggressive/hodgkins would have shown higher uptake or 'lit up' more on my scan). My uptake was scored at around 3.5, which could be a false positive caused by inflammation, which honestly is the most likely cause.

Anyone else here who may read this and have experience of brown fat, is it easy for the radiologist's to read through? I had uptake in axilla and mediastinum which was deemed consistant with brown fat, but it has been playing on my mind a little that it may have 'hidden' something.

My advice to you, ells2098, is DO NOT google. It drives you insane. Easier said than done, I know, but the chances it is not lymphoma is much greater than the chances it is. Google is a dangerous place. I was absolutely convinced I had hodgkins because of my alcohol reaction yet the lymph nodes on the side that hurts and swells (so much that a lump is visible) didn't even light up on my scan. It is my assumption that perhaps I have contracted a virus which is almost 'mimicking' lymphoma, as this can happen too. 3 weeks is not an awfully long time to have a swollen node, sometimes we contract viruses and infections which are not detectable because our immune system is working well and fighting them off. I understand you will be anxious, and you should absolutely push for the right tests, but don't make my mistake and convince yourself of something before there is clear evidence as all it will do is raise your stress levels - making you feel ill and possibly experience other symptoms. 

Hope it all goes well with ENT Xxxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Aug 2018 13:50 in response to SunshineEm

Also a quick thought, have you been tested for glandular fever? You probably have, but I had it just over 2 years ago and I didn't feel ill at all at first! It took quite a few weeks to come on but I looked 'puffy' with swollen glands and tonsils, didn't go to the dr because I didn't really think much of it until suddenly it almost erupted into action with my one tonsil ridiculously huge and I felt very ill then! 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Aug 2018 15:34 in response to SunshineEm

Hi SunshineEm, 

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick! I am so sorry to hear you haven't got a difinitive diagnosis yet, but thats positive that it is not an agressive lymphoma. I really hope that you don't have hodgkins or any form of lymphoma, and I hope they give you a simple and easily treatable answer! 

Thank you so much for your advice, I must admit I have been on google way to much and is has driven me mad, I have been soooo worried! Today it feels like someone is strangling the left side of my neck, and it feels like something is stuck in my throat, it is awful. I rang the doctors and it turns out they never sent off my referal to the ENT so that stressed me out even more so I have got to wait even longer. 

In regard to your glandular fever idea, that is something I hadn't thought of. I got tested for glandular fever last year after a horrendous case of tonsiltis but it came back negative, I may possibly have it now, as it is said to take 4-8 weeks for symptoms to show? I will mention that and get a blood test done (my worst nightmare lol). Just hoping it is nothing sinister. 

Thank you so so much for getting back to me. I wish you the best of luck with your biposy. If you can please keep me updated and I will too. xxxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

24 Aug 2018 21:19 in response to SunshineEm


im having the exact same problem! 2 in my neck and 3 in my groin since April  and all blood tests and Ultrasound scan came back fine. Now I’m being referred to the haematologist for further checks as more lumps came up. My lumps don’t change shape though, they grow to about less than 1cm and stay there, and moveable (ish). Tight chest, no other symptoms except some aching where the lumps are and some tiredness (but not exhaustion).

I feel your frustration being told everything is “normal” when lumps are still present! Have you had any results  back or anything to say what the causes are? I’ve been told it’s very rare but you can get a bacterial virus without actually being ill. 

I am going crazy with google and have diagnosed myself with every form of cancer. It is taking over my life. The anxiety is so bad and I’m getting so stressed about it!!!!

i really hope your results come back clear! Keep me updated Happy x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

25 Aug 2018 01:19 in response to Jasmine27

Oh no, sorry to hear that. Google is an absolute nightmare, I know the feeling soo well and it really is horrendous! But we do it to ourselves unfortunately... you just have to think, IF it is cancer, it will be found. IF it is lymphoma, it is extremely treatable. Don't let your head run away with you with fear as the chances are it isn't, the drs see so many people with swollen lymph nodes all the time and i think its something like 0.4%  turns out to be cancer!  But if it was, you would get through it and yes it wouldn't be pleasant but you are much stronger than you think.

No they don't know what, it might potentially be a low grade lymphoma but the biopsy will reveal that... I haven't had it yet. My bloodwork has been fine too, i've had so much taken for all sorts of autoimmune things etc. I was slightly folate deficient in april and still am now but other than that my blood is fine. Did have a very slightly raised ESR in april but the gp referred to this as a red herring at the time and all my blood tests since have been fine. Haemotology will give you all the right tests, they test you for literally everything under the sun, HIV, hepatitis, autoimmune etc. Aswell as checking kidney, liver, LDH levels and so on. They will probably give you a ct scan too. 

Try not to worry, less than 1cm isn't technically enlarged even if you can feel it - I don't mean to make it sound trivial but I wish I had someone telling me all the facts back in april! the drs consider my 3cm x 1.4cm one very small, which it really is compared to most lumps which turn out to be cancer! But to me it feels huge haha!! If you are slim you are more likely to be able to feel them under your skin too, especially in the groin, I can feel loads but they didn't light up on my pet scan so they are fine! Stay away from google, and try not to become worried unless the drs tell you to worry! A positive mindset makes all the difference - i'm only just learning this.

I will report back once I have biopsy results, i'm seeing ent for him to book excisional biopsy next week, have a FNA week after (don't know why i'm having 2) and then have an appointment with oncology again at the end of september to get the excisional biopsy results... so it will be a while unfortunately! X


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

28 Aug 2018 14:40 in response to SunshineEm

Hi, During a moment of weakness I went back to google and found some information on a rare condition called 'Castlemans Disease". It has many of the symptoms we are describing particularly the swollen groin lymph nodes that you two have but I don't. It says that the disease is NOT cancer but mimics it. Ill insert the link here if you wanted a read, just thought maybe it was worth mentioning at your next appointment SunshineEm? I am still panicking, and it feels like I am being strangled, and feels weird in my me neck when I swallow, like something is stuck! 

Please let us know your biopsy results, and I couldn't agree more with you about the positive mindset, i've been forcing myself to try and remain positive. Hope is all okay for you both. 


E xxx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

30 Aug 2018 15:11 in response to Ells2098

Hey Ells2098

have you had any more info on your symptoms? I’ve just been referred to a haematologist today so just waiting for the appointment to come through. Will let you know how it goes. Woke up with night sweats last night! Was so annoying, had my window open too!!!!

im bad for googling too so please please try not to do it as it will increase your anxiety even more. I’ve learned the hard way and now all I have to do is think about the situations I’ve researched and then sends me into panic.

keep positive and keep going back to the docs to get more information. Are you allergic to anything? Do you smoke? Also anxiety makes the muscles tense and sometimes makes me feel like I can’t breathe and something is stuck in there.

i hope everything will be okay for you xx

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

3 Sep 2018 21:21 in response to Jasmine27

Hi Jasmine27, 

Good luck with your new appointment, please let us know how it goes! In regards to the nights sweats that’s something you should deffo mention, I can understand that must have been scary for you! 

In regard to my symptoms, the swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck is still there, it’s been 4 weeks now since I noticed it. It’s still not painful, and I can move it under my finger and it hasn’t changed in size, it did shrink at one point. My left tonsil is STILL bigger than the right and I still have a red spot on the left tonsil with a vein going into it that hasn’t gone! But still..not ill!! 

Have had some horrendous neck pain on the left side that starts in my left upper back and goes up my neck and into the base of the left side of my skull. It made me feel so sick, painkillers did nothing. My boyfriend even massaged it with deep heat which did nothing. That lasted 3 days last weekend and then went, then came back for an hour or so this Saturday just gone. 

Neck tightness has gone a bit which is nice. Ears have been blocked and ringing for about 4 days (it’s driving me insane) so doctor gave me olive oil ear drops which haven’t done much so far, so have been feeling very dizzy due to balance being affected. Doctor said that I’m a “hypochondriac” and a “worrier” and I need to stop thinking it’s something sinister like cancer. It makes you feel so stupid when they say that..I can’t help having health anxiety, I wish I didn’t!! 

Had a blood test today...let’s just say that is a massive deal for me. I’ve only ever had 3 in my life and I do not handle them well. My Doctors surgery always has to book me in for an extended time slot as it takes them soooo long to calm me down, I get in a right state. My mum came with me and tried to keep me calm but I was still having a crazy panic attack. However they managed to do it lol and are testing the following: 

-Glandular Fever

-full blood count

-signs of inflammation 


-kidney and liver function 


I should get the results back at the end of the week. Obviously I will be relieved if it all comes back okay but then 1) it still isn’t answering why this lymph node is swollen and 2) blood tests aren’t ALWAYS accurate I’ve heard?

in regard to any allergies, no I don’t not that I’m aware of anyway..but I do get a blocked and runny nose randomly sometimes that lasts a few hours it’s really weird..not sure if it’s dust or hay fever. I also get hives on my hands sometimes that doctors can’t find he cause of as they are so random and adhoc. I also don’t smoke, I don’t take any drugs and I don’t drink that much.


Sorry this reply was so LONG but I wanna be able to help anyone who is panicking like me and detailed answers I find are a massive help! 

Remeber remain as positive as you can xx 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

11 Sep 2018 10:16 in response to Ells2098


You may have an  ear infection or glandula fever,  have you had any results back ?  I hear it takes awhile for it to make you feel ill but that could be very positive if it’s something simple as that .   I hope you’re feeling okay and you’re not as worried .


 last week on Tuesday I had eight blood test to test for absolutely everything then that evening I received a text saying I have to go in for a CT scan next week which is today .  I have to say it was the most strange and scariest thing ever and I don’t get my results back until next week or the week after .  I’ve basically had a full body MOT .


 Will let you know of results soon .  Remember remain positive and it will all be okay  X


enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

11 Sep 2018 12:29 in response to Jasmine27


They thought at one point it could be an ear infection but it hasn’t devloped into one, and the blocked ears has gone now, still sometimes rings. 

My blood test results came back “normal” for everything that they tested for that I mentioned above. So baffled!! The swollen lymph node is still there.. so I am still worried. On one hand it’s good my bloods come back good, but on the other it’s not because what is it not picking up?? Left tonsil is still swollen, and I keep getting tonsil stones come out for it. Just PRAYING it’s just a slight tonsil infection or something. 

I’m Doing work experience this week in a PR and Social media office and I was having such a nice time and then I remembered this forum and got so anxious and down again, but as you said just got to remain positive. 

8 blood tests!! How did you do it, I can’t even manged one! I hope the scan went okay!! That’s good that there are checking for everything. Last week I had some chest pain too. 

22 days and counting till my ENT appointment - it needs to hurry up!

Please let us know how it goes, sending positive thoughts your way lovely!! X x 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Oct 2018 11:22 in response to Ells2098


I have been reading your conversations in the hope it will make me feel more optimistic....which has alittle.But unfortunately I have googled myself stupid and totally convinced myself I have lymphoma ....I am petrified !! I have a swollen node on side / back of my neck for weeks ,finally got to see advanced nurse practitioner on Thurs and she checked other areas more lumps.She seemed to think that as lump was moveable it wasn't sinister but when you read online (ooo which I have) it's so contradictory .She said come back in 4 weeks if its still there but it hasnt changed in last month so cant see it changing by then .Have booked  another appoint for Wednesday this time with a doctor for 2nd opinion the not knowing is driving me crazy .Hope all goes well for those waiting for results/appoints etc hope good news is posted soon .

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Oct 2018 13:07 in response to dmar

Hi dmar, 

I completely understand what youre going through with the axiety and convincing yourself that you have lymphoma, this is what I have been like for the past 3 months!! All my bloods came back fine and I saw an ENT who put a camera up my nose to see my throat which he said was all clear. He felt my swollen lymph node which is STILL swollen and said he is not worried as I have a "slender neck" so it is likely that Ill be able to feel them more, however he did agree and said it is swollen and a lot more promenant than the others, so therefore I am having an ultrasound scan on the 8th of Nov to see if they can further understand it. 


I have got to the point now where it is what it is and there is nothing I can do. I spent the whole of August and September worrying, having panic attacks and not enjoying my life so I am just going to start enjoying life and waiting till my ultrasound I guess. I know that is all easier said than done, but it does it get a lot easier I promise, just honestly stop googling things, it was the worst thing I did. 


Keep us updated! x 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Oct 2018 14:53 in response to Ells2098

You are absolutely right X Have promised myself no more Google !!! Thank you for reply helps so much to hear from others going through same experience .Hope all goes well on the 8th .

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Oct 2018 20:55 in response to dmar

Hi Dmar, if it helps you to have any hope, mine turned out to be completely fine and its now coming up to 1 year on since I first noticed it... still hasn’t gone away, and is visible to the eye when i look up, but it isnt cancer!! Hooray! We can have enlarged nodes for a long time without it being sinister, as if they have once swollen from viral activity and never recovered - ‘scar tissue’. Hoping for the same outcome for you too. Keep strong x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

22 Oct 2018 21:42 in response to SunshineEm

Hi sunshineEm , That's great to know thank you.I don't think the fact I keep prodding it every hour is helping , I'm making an effort to stop googling and pokeing and stay optimistic .You guys have helped so much thank you x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

23 Oct 2018 22:38 in response to dmar

Hi all,


i have also had my CT results and 8 blood tests results and all came back normal!!! 

Makes me feel better that you’ve had yours for a year now. I’m hoping I’m in that situation. Going to ask the docs to take me through my results as the haematologist couldn’t do it today so I just got told by the receptionist

Woll let you know the update.


DONT GOOGLE I know it’s hard x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

24 Oct 2018 09:05 in response to Jasmine27

I'll just remind everyone that I don't have any medical qualifications.

From the research I've done, it's apparent that lymph nodes do not always return to normal after they've fought off an infection. Some people end up with a permanently swollen node, or tonsil, which they may discover at some future time, or may have concerns about if it doesn't subside after an infection.

If you find a swollen node or tonsil then the statistics are overwhelmingly in favour of this NOT being due to cancer. Of course, if it's swollen for more than four weeks then discuss with your GP, but the message should be not to panic. Just get it checked out and if the GP wants to refer you for more tests, accept that the GP is just being cautious. 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

9 Nov 2018 23:47 in response to dmar

Hi everyone, 


its so so nice to hear that you are all doing well, I bet it is such a relief! So happy for you Sunshineem and & Jasmine27..and I hope you get closure dmar!

i had my ultrasound scan yesterday on my neck, and the lady who did it saying that despite there being some swelling in my lymph node, it isn’t anything to worry about, and said it is normal and that it could stay that size forever. Obviously even though I was happy I still doubted how they could tell the mass wasn’t cancerous just by some shading on a screen and I asked for a biopsy but they said it wasn’t needed. 

The doctors have found some swollen bone cartilage in my chest though - costochondritis! But today but chest has hurt so much, to the point where I literally could not breathe. Laying in bed now still in so much pain - feel like it’s never ending. 

Hopefully everything gets positive from here. We just have to appreciate and enjoy every single day, even the crappy ones, I mean come on Christmas is nearly here!! 

Sending my best wishes to you all x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

18 Nov 2018 18:12 in response to Ells2098


I have just read your conversation and wanted to say I too am having the exact same problems! 

3 months ago I found swollen lymphnodes in my neck (2 of which were big). I then had blood tests done and an ultrasound. I was told that the scan showed they were reactive and was asked to go back 6 weeks later. In that 6 weeks I did nothing but worry and google and convince myself I had cancer. It made me so ill and then I felt like I had a lump in my neck. I was then referred to ENT and they put a camera up my nose (I fainted). He said my throat was normal but some of my throat muscles had tightened which is due to stress. So basically I had been worrying so much about my enlarged lymphnodes that I actually created another problem. 3 months later I feel like they are bigger now and the haematologist doesn’t seem very willing to pursue it further. Is it normal to have swollen nodes for this long ? They’ve been there for ages and it’s drivinf me mad! My bloods are normal but you still hear that blood don’t normally show anything anyway! 


Have you got to bottom of yours yet? Would be really interesting to know as sounds like your further down the timeline that I am! 


Georgina x

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

18 Nov 2018 21:21 in response to georgina123

Hi Georgina. Welcome to the forum.  I'll remind you that I'm not a doctor.

As I said in my earlier post, reactive nodes don't always return to normal. Sometimes they stay swollen. So yes, it is normal for some nodes to remain swollen. 

What isn't normal is obsessing over something which is a natural part of your body's defenses. You've been checked out and given the all clear. Time to accept that, stop worrying, and get on with enjoying life. 

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

30 Nov 2018 01:40 in response to SunshineEm

Hi there! 

I just got through reading your conversation, and I know you've heard this before but this has helped me out a lot! I have had three lymph nodes that have been on my neck for the last two months... It doesn't help that the right upper part of my abdomen has formed this lump on it! I keep freaking out and everyone keeps telling me I am fine even though I always feel weak and tired. I haven't been able to eat full meals in over a month and I keep losing weight. The sucky part is that I am on so many medications, that I cannot tell if it is just multiple side effects. I had a CBC and everything turned out fine, but I hate the fact that I can't even run without feeling light headed and like my heart is about to beat out my chest. It sucks! Google is too evil for me !!!!

enlarged lymph nodes - worried!

14 Dec 2018 18:45 in response to Ohboy99

Hi all,

im so relieved I found this post! I am another one in the same situation. I recently noticed an enlarged lymph node. On the right side under my jaw which was around 6 weeks ago. I went for my ultrasound and he said he could see some plus one lower down my neck that looked ‘reactive’ but told me not to go away and worry and to follow up in a month with another ultrasound and blood test (already had a normal blood test result). Ive since noticed one come up under my armpit and another couple of more tender nodes enlarged on the opposite side of my neck. I to am freaking out!! Im 27 years old with two little boys (2 years and a 5 month old). Im finding it so difficult to get on with day to day activities at the moment because I’ve convinced myself it must be lymphoma! I have no other symptoms apart from tiredness but I have a 5 month old who gets up 3 times a night so I’m assuming that is more likely to be the cause. Should I take the gps advice and not worry? If it was anything sinister would this likely have looked different to them on the ultrasound? Or does lymphoma just show up as reactive nodes? I’m driving my partner mad as I’ve gone into a state of sadness and especially around Christmas time with my two little ones it’s not great :(. I have honestly just convinced myself there could be no other reason for all these enlarged nodes to be appearing through the period of 6 weeks when I haven’t been sick ! 


Any words of reassurance would be really appreciated ! Am I totally over reacting? 


Katie x