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Endlessly waiting

12 Oct 2017 11:14

Well waiting for biopsy results feels endles!. You want to hear but on the other hand are dreading to. I had a biopsy two weeks ago Monday and even though the doctor put urgent on it due to my going on holiday early next week still not heard. I phoned the hospital yesterday and her secretary said the results should be back and she would chase her to write a letter! Not looking forward to our holiday anymore, only going as we'd end up paying if we cancelled so late in the day. The feeling of dread is like a heavy weight in my chest, think I am feeling worse as ache under my arms which I fear is my Lypmh nodes, my husband says I am jumping the gun I don't know I have anything yet but I know a small growth, which at first I thought was piles until I looked, is not normal,something google (and I know I shouldn't have searched) has made all to clear. Since my fist visit to sexual clinic as couldn't get a GP's appointment to Gyny appointment and biopsy has been a month, a month of worry been good days when busy and mind taken off of it but as I near the result not coping very well. 

Re: Endlessly waiting

12 Oct 2017 20:48 in response to Stumpy50

Hi, I was referred for an emergency appointment after finding a lump in my breast by the gp. This appointment took 7 weeks as they are so busy! 

I had a biopsy done the same day... It's now been nearly 4 weeks and still no results Sad 

It's tearing me apart!! 

I called after 2 weeks and 4 days and was told that they are rushed of there feet (which I totally understand, they were so busy when I was up there bless them) and that I would receive either a phone call or a letter in the post within the next week, it's now been nearly 4 weeks since I had the biopsy done and still nothing Sad 

Hope you hear some good news, sooner rather than later

Re: Endlessly waiting

12 Oct 2017 23:54 in response to Gemma.S

Gosh what an horrendous wait, are you going to chase it up again?  You must be almost going out of your mind. I hope them not rushing to contact you means it is nothing serious. Good luck.