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End stage liver cancer: Losing my mam

22 Jan 2023 21:30

Hello im not sure why im here? maybe to chat with others going through the same as me. My mother has Liver cancer we beleive at this point it has spread to lungs and maybe other organs. she was given 2 months to live in august but we are so thankful to still have her here today. I'm struggling to cope with the thought of losing her. Her symptoms are progressing at a faster rate now, i dont live near by her so i visit a few times a month. she doesent seem to eat or drink when im there and thats worrying, she falls asleep all of the time. her legs have started to swell and shes very itchy. pain meds dont seem to be taking the pain away anymore ( Dr keeps increasing morphine but pain is progressing quickly) shes started to get pain in her arm anyone know why this is? im just not ready to loose her. our relationship is a bit strained unfortunatley. but she seems less intereseted to talk these days too.


any advice would be amazing.

End stage liver cancer: Losing my mam

24 Jan 2023 14:57 in response to TrashPanda

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother Trashpanda and that her symptoms are starting to progress.

I can't begin to imagine how tough this must be but I hope you can take some strength, and comfort, from knowing that many members of our community have been in this situation so you are not alone and hopefully some of them will stop by soon to offer their support and advice.

Unfortunately I can't answer your questions about your mother's arm pain, only her doctor will be able to do that, but I hope this information we have on what to expect in the last few weeks and days as well as ways to manage symptoms will be helpful.

I know there's not much I can say that can make this situation any easier but I want you to know that we're here for you and thinking of you at this very difficult time.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator