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end of life care

17 Dec 2017 21:13

im currently studying level 2 in end of life care and there is a question that asks me to describe one of the following questions witch i am stuck on.

 Where will I go when I die?

 Where will I be when I die?

 How will my family cope without me?

i was wondering weather someone could help me out please? x


Re: end of life care

17 Dec 2017 21:45 in response to charleighlou

It seems to me that the first two questions will get different answers from anyone who is asked.  None of us know but many of us have fixed ideas about it.   I am presuming that you are talking about the spiritual person rather than the physical body.   Up to you.

About the third question it seems to revolve around making preparations for what will happen after you die.  Both emotionally and financially.  Also if you have children how will they be cared for.    You might find the section Coping with Dying (type that heading into where it says Enter Keywords at the top of the screen) throws up some useful suggestions.  I would go for the third question but it is not me who has to answer the question!  Best of luck.

Re: end of life care

17 Dec 2017 22:48 in response to charleighlou

1. Back to stardust.

2. At home.

3. By living their lives.