Together we will beat cancer



10 Nov 2016 17:30

I am riding an emotional rollercoaster so I thought that this would be the right place to admit it. 

I was diagnosed with NHL in march & can't have chemo because of cirrhosis. My health has been bad for years & I have pain when sitting so since diagnosis I have spent much of my time lying in bed in my denial bubble reading my kindle. Last saturday I joined this forum & my denial bubble burst. Emotions all over the place. I have just spoken to a very nice lady at Macmillan who after having a long chat advised me to get my GP to request a visit from a Macmillan nurse. Feeling better for reaching out


11 Nov 2016 10:35 in response to Seabird

Good morning Seabird,

I am not surprised your emotions are all over the place. Having been a member of this forum for about 4 1/2 years I know it can be daunting making your first post. I know I was concerned I might say the wrong thing. I was so pleased to get a reply and have never regreted joining this great forum.

I wish you all the best and anytime you need to talk just post on here, Brian.




11 Nov 2016 11:05 in response to Seabird

Hi seabird welcome I'm so glad I joined this site I never thought I would be on here . In October we had news that my mother bowel cancer was inoperable that it's got in here blood hearing them words I didn't know what to do . I remember sitting on my bed and looking at this web site and thought I need to tell someone my head was all over place . I had replay someone give they time in reading my post and give me advise . I'm so greatful for that I feel like I'm not alone I have post few on here when mother was rushed into hospital and the support I had I'm really glad I did . Anytime you need chat there always someone here . Hope you feel bit better take care . 


11 Nov 2016 12:40 in response to Gemini39

Good afternoon Brian & Gemini

thankyou for replying. It really helps to not feel alone. I am really pleased I joined this forum. 

I hope you have a good day