Together we will beat cancer


Emotional Roller Coaster

12 Nov 2016 23:49

Cancer steals in

like a thief in the night. 

So many brave souls

do battle and fight. 

Thankfully many win. 

Sadly many loose.  

An emotional roller coaster

we do not choose. 


I wrote this 11pm 12/11/16

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 08:02 in response to Seabird

God lifts me into the palm of His hand

as I lay down to sleep. 

He cushions me as no other can. 

His true love is ours to keep. 


I wrote this  1/8/10 

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 08:49 in response to Seabird


A wave of emotions

 Breaking against the sands

Sharing thoughts & feelings

Holding each others hands

Supporting, Inspiring & caring

As we go through this blight

Waves of positivity & hope

Gives us strength to fight


13/11/16  8.30 am

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 08:59 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

What a lovely peom;did you write it?

Thanks for sharing for it is just right for this great forum, Brian.

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 09:17 in response to woodworm

Good morning Brian Happy

yes I wrote all of the above. I haven't written anything for years but when I lay down to sleep last night after reading Pamela's post creative thoughts came to mind & I had to get up to write.  Which poem are u referring to?

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 09:38 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

I was refering to the last one but all three are terrific. Thanks again for sharing.

Besides my woodwork, I also write short stories when I get the time. I have about 35 Ive written between 20 to 40 A5 pages and about 12 of about a thousand words each. I get bored sitting around in the winter so use the time to write. I find the shorter they are the harder they are to write. It keeps the old grey matter active. I do enjoy it.

Just like you last night I get most of my ideas for stories when I;m in bed at night. Manys the time when I have woken up and have had to get out of bed and go into the backroon to write down the gist or skeleton of the story. I had several times thought I'll remember them in the morning only to lose all trace of my ealier thoughts ha ha.

Please keep posting for a lot of people on here take comfort from reading poetry.

Thanks again for sharing, Brian.

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 10:49 in response to woodworm

Thanks for those kind words Brian. It's always a bit daunting to put thoughts & feelings 'out there'

i would love to read some of yout work as u write with such compassion & humour.  

Have a great day Happy

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 11:07 in response to Seabird

Hi what lovely poems the first poem I thought of my mother i like the title as well emotional roller coaster so true . Cancer such horrible diseases. Look forward in reading more poems from you . Take care. 

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 11:08 in response to Seabird


As I light this candle

in honour of those we've lost

& are still losing to war. 

So high the cost

of greed & tyrants grabbing power. 


Wear yout poppy with pride. 

Respect & thanks to those who fought

& are still fighting & dying. 

Loved ones overcome & overwrought. 


I pray for the casualties of war

I pray for the refugees

I pray for peace



written 13/11/16

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 11:13 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

Here is a story I wrote and posted on here awhile ago. I hope you like it, Brian.


The elderly chemist was approaching his shop after paying the previous days taking into the bank,and there he was again, peering into the shop window. Every week day at about a quater past three, on his way home from school, this young schoolboy stopped and spent about five minutes peering at something in the shop window. His curiosity roused, he stopped next to the boy and asked "Excuse me son, do you mind me asking what you find so intersting in my shop window"? The young boy looked quite embarassed at first but after a pause said, "Oh, I am very interested in that box of smelly things as I know my mum would love them. But I dont have enough money to buy them for her as yet". He paused before continuing, "You see, my dad had a bad stroke some months ago and now he has to spend all day in a wheelchair and mum even has to feed him. Now he's not working, mum says money is very tight so we wont be having any presents this Christmas. But now and then, I have been finding some coins people have dropped.I'm just hoping I will find enough before Christmas so I can buy that box for my mum, for she works so hard looking after me and my dad, Then if I can, I want to see if I can find enough to buy my dad a hot water bottle as he seems to keep feeling the cold now as he's sitting around all day and mum says we can't afford the heating on that much". The chemist thougtfully said, "I feel sure you will find enough young man", and deep in thought, he left him and returned to his shop. As he entered his wife said, "I saw you talking to that young boy". He nodded and she then said knowingly, "Is that a tear I see in your eyes"? Once again he nodded and then he told her about what the young boy had told him.

The very next day the young boy was nearing the chemists shop when he spotted something shiny on the pavement. On closer inspection he saw it was a £2 coin. Excitedly he picked it up and put it in  his pocket. This nearly doubled the money he had saved. Over the next few days, he found several more coins ranging from 10p to 50p and his savings grew rapidly, but always finding the money at the same spot. Each day he still stopped to look at the box of soaps and perfumes but he realized with dismay, he only had a few days to go before school broke up for the Christmas holiday. So with just one day to go, he was so pleased to find another £2 coin. This meant he now had enough money to buy his mother the present he wanted so much for her.

When he got to the shop window, he was amazed to see a label on the box of smelly things that read, "SPECIAL OFFER. Buy this box of toiletries and get a hot water bottle free, complete with soft fleecy cover". He couldnt get into the shop fast enough. The elderly chemist was standing behind the counter so he walked up to him and proudly said, "Hello, can I please buy that box I told you about. Today I found another coin so I now have just enough money". The chemist smiled at him and said, "Somehow I thought I might see you today son. I suppose you saw we are now giving away a hot water bottle with it as well". The young boys face lit up as he said, "Yes I did notice that". his face now took on a more seroius look as he said,"There is one thing I would like to ask. Could I please pay for them now but leave them here until Christmas Eve for I want to surpise mum and dad and I have nowhere I can hide them at home". The chemist replied, "Of course you can. Are you going to wrap them up for your parents though son"? He saw immediatley from the expression on the boys face, he had not thought about this. So quickly he said, "Dont worry son, my wife is an expert at wrapping things up". Laughing he said, "Far better than me for I always make a mess of things. I'll ask her to wrap them both up for you, as I know we have plenty of spare wrapping paper".

The boys face lit up with a huge smile as he said, "Thank you very much". The chemist then said, "I have seen where you live and I can make a special delivery to your home late on Christmas Eve if that woild help".The boy said, "That would be so much easier for me. Thank you again". After the young boy had paid his money and left, the chemists wife came out of the stockroom and said, "I love you Henry. I know you kept putting that money out on the pavement for him to find and there was no special offer on that box until you saw him coming along the road. I am so lucky to have you for my husband. I hope that young boys parents know what a thoughtful and loving son they have". He replied, "He's the sort of son I would like to have had for our own but we were never luck enough to have.  I just loved the way he never once thought about spending that money on himself, so I hope he and his parents have a great Christmas filled with love".

Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 12:25 in response to woodworm

Oh Brian

I have tears rolling down my face. What a lovely story!! Thankyou for sharing. I look fwd to reading more. 

I have just wrapped 4 xmas gifts & hoping to go to my local shops to get more in the week. Back in bed now after a busy morning in my little world. The sun is shining & making rainbows thru the window chrystals in the front room & kitchen & radio2 have been playing great music Happy so all is well in my world hope it is in yours. Carol


Emotional Roller Coaster

13 Nov 2016 12:38 in response to Gemini39

Thankyou Gemini Happy

i have a daughter who is a Gemini. Talk anout several sides to her personality. Theres never a dull moment when she's around. Are u like that?

take care

Emotional Roller Coaster

14 Nov 2016 08:24 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

I hope you are okay this morning.

I didnt mean to make you cry. That one was one of the very short stories I wrote about a couple of years ago. I write the skeleton of the story first then go and put flesh on the bones so to speak. I have also likened it to doing a jigsaw.

I hope despite the tears you liked it, Brian


Emotional Roller Coaster

14 Nov 2016 08:58 in response to Seabird


As I stand on the cliff top

Marram grass swaying at my feet

My eyes are drawn to the horizon

Where sea blue & sky blue meet


To my right is the lighthouse

Sitting proudly on the rocks

Gulls glide high above me

Following boats to the docks


Waves gently roll onto golden sand

Where children play happily

& lovers stroll hand in hand

All in my minds eye


i wrote this today Happy

Emotional Roller Coaster

14 Nov 2016 09:16 in response to Seabird

Hi Carol,

Truely wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Brian.