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Emergency appointment for blood results

21 Jul 2021 23:52

Hi everyone.

My 73 year old mother went to her GP as she felt some kind of mass when lying down.  The doctor felt it and said it will either be fibroids or a tumour and she was given a blood test.  He also said if he was a betting man he would bet it on being fibroids.  She got 2 letters on the same day for appointments for both an ultrasound and a CT scan (the following day).

She currently has no obvious symptoms ( no bleeding or pain ) but she does feel tired a lot but she has been that way for years.

Now just today a nurse phoned to say that she needs to make an "emergency appointment" with the doctor to get her blood results back.  The phone appointment is in 5 days time.

I'm just curious as to why she would need an emergency appointment to discuss the blood results before she has even had the scans.  Did anybody have similar experiences or have any insight into why she is getting blood results before the scans?

Are fibroids common in post menopausal women(73) or is the dreaded C word more likely?

Also is it common to get both an ultrasound and a CT scan at the initial stages?

Me and my mother are both extremely worried and this "emergency appointment" situation has got her even more worried.  We tried to sign up to the NHS app to see if we could see any results but we were unable to register her for some reason.  

So yeah any similar experiences would be appreciated, thank you very much and I wish everybody who are going through a hard time at the moment the very best of luck.

Emergency appointment for blood results

22 Jul 2021 12:11 in response to scottishjason99

Hi yes it's quite common for them to order urgent ct and investigations if they find something on blood tests.she could be on the urgent 2 week referral which is usual. I wouldnt worry to much, it means they are checking everything. I had all this for a 2cm liver mass, ct, mri, endoscope. So far they have not much further info, but it's a indetermined liver mass & to have a pet/mri scan in 3 months time. But the scans have confirmed no masses anywhere else. So it could be something not serious they find. The gp appt is standard to discuss results. Xx

Emergency appointment for blood results

22 Jul 2021 19:10 in response to scottishjason99

In my experience - an urgent appointment means something has been picked up in the blood tests that is worrying. If there is any suspicion of a lump being cancerous then you can quickly receive appointments for scans etc so this may be standard BUT my friend had a test one day and received appointments for more the following day because they had found something sinister on the first test. If the hopsital pick something up on a test they can immediately notify the GP to arrange more tests. You could ring the surgery and ask if something has been found?