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Dying from cancer

18 Nov 2022 11:07

My treatment has been stopped, no longer working and lung metastases still growing. 

Feel totally numb ,don't know what to do, constant discomfort in chest, been handed back to my Gp ,no more contact with my oncologist,  lost , worried,  frightened. 

Dying from cancer

19 Nov 2022 22:15 in response to Resusman62

I'm so sorry to hear that. My mum is exactly at that same point (their stopped the treatment because it wasn't working), and well, there are no words.
I know that there is nothing I can do for my side, but I send you a big big hug and love. 


Dying from cancer

13 Dec 2022 19:03 in response to Asax

Thank you asax ,your hugs will help. 

Dying from cancer

13 Dec 2022 19:18 in response to Resusman62

It's the worst isn't it when you realise that there is nothing else to be done.  Norman my husband and I had this conversation last December but his oncologist did say she would discuss anything we felt might help us to cope.  Her final words were just go away and enjoy Christmas with your family.  You should now have a palliative care team looking after you, or district nurses, McMillan nurses are still there for you.  Please don't think that no one cares because they do, unfortunately you have to be the one to say, I'm in discomfort or I need more pain relief, they will help you.  So it's hard, I know that for all of you and your family.  If you want to message me privately please feel free to do so.  Carol. 

Dying from cancer

15 Dec 2022 22:31 in response to Resusman62

Hi Resusman62,

I'm very sorry to hear that your treatment is no longer working.

I wish I could do or say something to help.

Sending lots of love.