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Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

24 Jun 2019 23:15 in response to Chloelou1991

Thank you. 

Good luck for tomorrow hope you get good news !! 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

15 Jul 2019 19:31 in response to Sammyg2010

Hi sammyg, 

Are you still getting fevers? Have you had any answers? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

15 Jul 2019 20:38 in response to Smoore921

Yep still getting fevers, feeling fatigued, breathless sct but not really any closer to answers. Had an auto immune lot of bloods done but they have come back normal. My gp are reluctant to do anymore testing at this point aswell as ive been cleared by haematology, but am currently still under respatory and gastrology. They are thinking that the signs of inflammation are gastro related at this point but my lung function test today showed that my airways are inflammed but i dont have asthma as my lungs are mechnically doing great so just more qyestions really.

How are you doing ? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

15 Jul 2019 21:02 in response to Sammyg2010

Hi Sammyg, 

I keep getting fevers too. I seem to go a day or two without them then it goes back up. Its awful, I feel so hot, sweaty and nauseous when its up. Can I ask how often you are getting fevers and how high they go? Mine are low grade, usually around 37.8 but its enough to keep me awake at night sweating. I see every hour! I suffer health anxiety which doesnt help as I cant help but trail the internet looking for answers. Everything I read is negative about having fevers! How are you coping? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

16 Jul 2019 09:57 in response to Smoore921

Yeah mine are low grade also going up to 38.4 at most happens a few times a week and i get night sweats aswell, im constantly researhing my symptoms but im just going round in cirles at the moment. One gp has suggested that its medically unexplained physical symptoms and has suggested going to speak to someone despite my anxiety having been under control for a while now and i dont have health anxiety as such being a nurse. 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

16 Jul 2019 10:08 in response to Sammyg2010

It must be so frustrating not getting an answer! Can i ask what tests you have had done, have you had scans? I went to the doctor this morning. She wants me to go in tomorrow to get more blood tests done and then leave it 2 weeks to see if I am still get the temperatures, if I am she will send me for tests 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

16 Jul 2019 16:19 in response to Smoore921

Hey well ive had a range lot of symptoms. Ive been under a few specalists aswell for a chronic problem. In terms of the fevers, night sweats, fatigue, strange rashes ect ive had blood tests which showed some inflmmation but turns out its nothing haematological, chest xray, contrast ct scan to rule out lymphoma apparently but still getting the same symptoms and no amswers. I even felt a lump under my arm that the haematologist told me wasnt a lymph node so nothing to worry about but she was quite dismissive. Im just sat waiting to be discharged from respratory and gastrology before my gps will be willing to look at my symptoms again :/ i hope your doctors are a bit more proactive x 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

20 Jul 2019 19:38 in response to Sammyg2010

Im glad lymphoma was ruled out for you but im sure you are still so frustrated. How are you dealing with the fevers and night sweats? I hate night time now as I cant predict what sort of night I will have. Like you, a couple of times a week i get a fever and wake up sweating and feeling awful. It seems to be happening more often which is worrying me further. 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

22 Jul 2019 12:30 in response to Smoore921

Yup, still frustrated but at this point theres not alot i can do bar go to a different gp practice. Im not 100% sure everything was tested at haem because one of my blood numbers dropped in the space of 6 weeks and they thought nothing of it. At for the night sweats im sleeping with the window open and the fevers im jist trying to ignore. Have you had any results at all yet ? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

22 Jul 2019 16:18 in response to Sammyg2010

Are your fevers worse at night? Mine can be normal during the day but the second I go to sleep my temperature goes up and it wakes me up either feeling too hot or shivering. 

My bloods were normal, unsure of what shes going to do next. My doctor is only part time in my surgery, shes back in on wednesday so I'm going to try and book a phone call with her and see what her opinion is and what she wants to do next. 

Do you have any more appts coming up? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

22 Jul 2019 19:15 in response to Smoore921

My fevers come on during the day or night, all my other symptoms are vague that the drs are at a loss of wherre to go with it now. I have an appointment with a resps consultant in august and my next gastro app in october which im hoping i can get brought forward as i had the last test for them a week and a half ago and im not waiting till october for results. 

Hopefully your doctors figure out your symptoms? Is the only symptom fevers? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

23 Jul 2019 11:18 in response to Sammyg2010

Yes my only symptom is the fevers, so far anyway! About 2-3 months ago I would randomly shake and get chills in my sleep, but I never actually took my temp when it was happening. So I think the fevers have been happening for a while. Then a month ago the doctor told me I had tonsillitis but my throat wasnt even sore! She gave me a week of antibiotics and the puss and all went away and the doctor said my throat looks okay. But I've had fevers on and off since then. All bloods normal so not sure whats going on. Just wish the fevers would go away but they are happening more often now Sad 

October is such a long wait! I hope you are able to bring it forward, have you phoned the consultants secretary and asked them? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

23 Jul 2019 13:21 in response to Smoore921

Yeah i plan to ring the secutary once enough time jas passed to see the results from the video capsule endoscopy i had around 2 weeks ago. 

Fevers on there own is strange and infections can linger for a while as can symptoms weirdly. I had treatment for a urine infection and had finish the antibiotics before i had the back pain that goes with a urine infection which was odd but they tested my blood and it was fine. Also conditions can present differently as well hence no throat pain but you having tonsilitis. Has your doctor mentioned anything else this can be or what they are thinking of doing if the fevers are continuing in the future? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

23 Jul 2019 13:42 in response to Sammyg2010

I find it hard to believe that I had tonsillitis with no throat pain at all. She said there was puss and everything so def infection. I was hoping the fevers were from that and would stop. I havent had a discussion with her about what it could be as when I last seen her she was hoping it was some kind of viral thing that would go away. Which it hasnt and is getting worse and happening more often. Atm all I can go by is google and its worried me alot! What did your doctor say about the fevers? 

Driving myself mad, haematology results tomorrow.

23 Jul 2019 14:59 in response to Smoore921

Google doesnt really help when we are worried about our health so please try to avoid it. They havent said much about the fevers other than some blood results that indicate inflammation are up and at this poing they think its linked to my gastro issues as haematology has cleared me and the auto immune tests came back negative. Im going to get a copy of my most recent blood resaults today as i like to have copy myself. I have some lumps under one arm that i am hoping are just viral as that has been mentioned to me also.