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Dr referred me for upper endoscopy so scared

26 Nov 2022 14:29

Hi my Dr has referred me for endoscopy in London because my stomach feels bloated and tight. And I've lost my appetite and lost a few stone. I tried to get this done around 4 years ago got the iv in my arm then went into the room they sprayed my throat and connected some other stuff and just as he was about to sedate me I freaked out ripped everything of and run out the hospital. Now 4 years later they want me to try again but my aniexty is worse and I'm so scared I don't Evan go to dentist cause don't like things in my mouth. If I ask for most sedation possible will I feel the camera going in throat and will I gag and still know what's happening? I've seen alot of people say after sedation they don't remember anything just waking up and that sounds like the best outcome for me but I'm so scared. I'm thinking to not go sort my diet and weight out first I'm 22 stone BTW and see if symptoms go and if they don't then get the camera as a last resort but I don't know I'm such a mess 

Dr referred me for upper endoscopy so scared

26 Nov 2022 14:50 in response to Dannyr95

Hello Danny

I had to send you a message because I'm like you.

I have severe health anxiety..

I had a endoscopy last year and had the throat spray and was sedated. 

But......... a month later I had to have a EUS and they were going to put the camera etc in and down whilst I was awake... I panicked so much  climbed off the bed. Next thing I woke up in the ward all done.

I worry constantly about health it's debilitating I know.

So because my GAD is bad and also the health anxiety. I now take Propranolol I find it very good.

I'm with you virtually danny .

Take care x