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Dont know what to do

22 Oct 2019 22:48

Hi I'm on a 2 week referral. I'm 56 not had a period for a couple of years. I started spotting blood early Sept, it's not stopped since, it gets so heavy, lots of blood clots. Then calms down for a day or 2.  I'm so tired, people at work keep telling me I look grey and washed out I cant keep food down, I wake up in the night to be sick but it's just bile/water. I lost my Mum to cancer when she was 54. I'm scared.

Dont know what to do

22 Oct 2019 23:31 in response to HIPPYchic

Just to let you know I understand how scared you’re feeling. The good thing is that you’ll be seen quickly, so if action is needed it will happen soon. Sending you good thoughts and wishes for a good result. Hang in there. xx